Thursday, May 31, 2012


This feeling...
Like I have failed in everything...

Everything cracks, everything has defects, everything fail...
I am stupid, from the first start...

U're the best I've ever had
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Sunday, May 20, 2012


I am living in boxes, from one three-point-five-times-three-point-five-meter-box to another four-point-five-times-three-point-six-box. I am living in boxes, twenty-four hours seven days. I am living in boxes, like a hamster.

One turns to thirty and turns back to one, I am still here in my boxes, moving from one to another and coming back again. Just like one turns to thirty and turns back to one. Just like hamster who live in a box.

I am a hamster. The only difference is that hamster is bought and moved into the box, while I choose to move into my boxes.

Sometimes I wonder, why didn't I choose to be an eagle, that flies free above the sky and get the freedom to conquer the continents. Why did I choose to be a hamster? Why?

Do I like my boxes so much till I don't have guts to choose to be an eagle? Is this life a good one to live? Is there any invisible string that ties me to my boxes?

I keep asking.

I keep asking.

I keep asking.

None answers me.
And none transforms me.

I am still a hamster, living in my boxes. I run on my static wheel in the morning, I sleep among the shit at night. I am a hamster.

I am a hamster, longing to be an eagle.
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Saturday, May 19, 2012


The more I think about you, the more I feel that I have been deceived. I don't know what kind of fate that brought me to you, but it was and it is far from good. Our life knocked to each other in an instance and I saw you as an role model, the first checkpoint I wanted to go, the motivation for me to shine. You were so kind and nice and good and whatever, until one turning point when I saw your true color and I discover your true smell. I was and I am disappointed, I felt and I feel deceived, I couldn't and I can't believe.

But this is life.

Now when I think back, I wonder whether you tried to poison my mind. You talked bad about this and that person, this and that boss. So stupid I was, I believed in you and my perspective towards these people changed so drastically. And you told me you were stuck in your position now because you were so 'clean' to be bribed and the bosses always took you for granted. Again, so stupid I was, I believed in you. You also complained about your own team, saying that they could not do their works properly, they did not have any sense of ownership, and thousands other side stories. Of course, so stupid I was, I was carried out by your story and followed the plot you created.

And I was wrong for so long. I really need to apologize to them, for making their image so blackish in my mind. And I really need to curse you, for making up stories and poison me.

I was stupid before, but now I am not. I know that I must not believe any words that came out from your mouth.You are a snake, an evil, a bitch.

Maybe I am wrong for confronting you in front of people, but I just cannot take your attitude to keep pressing people for your own gain. Do you think you are so great that people should worship and kneel under your toe? It's nonsense!

You and your pride, you and your arrogance, you and your evil mind are blinding you from seeing that most people are so pissed off with you. From your own team, other team, contractors, and the bosses. Maybe I am so bad to think like this, but I wish you get your punishment so that less people suffer.

I know I need to change. I shall be more patient and never confront you anymore. I will play a silent game from now on, as silence is golden.

I am sorry for confronting you so many times. You shall hear no objection from me anymore.

And to let you know, I will not grow up to be like you. I am not brainless, and I don't need to show off to let people see that I am working.

Maybe we will bid farewell in a while, maybe I will stay with you to get pestered every now and then. Who knows? Only God knows.

I am greater than you. You are just small fly for me.

U're the best I've ever had
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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Aku. Kau. Kita

Berada jauh darimu seperti menyelam. Pekat. Penat. Tercekat.
Merindumu seperti menahan napas. Pedih. Letih. Tak terperi.

Kau ada. Aku ada. Tapi kita tiada.

U're the best I've ever had
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