Sunday, January 17, 2010


Hey, really, time flies so fast!
In three week times, I will be a 20-year-old girl. Oh My, I still cannot figure out how I am going to be in my new phase of life. I am not a teenager anymore. How should I behave? What should I change? What thing should I get rid of? Oh man, I am just confused.

But, what can I do? I just can bear with it and get along with my new age well. Twenty doesn't mean the end of this world, I just need to adjust a bit here and there, and of course, I am getting a bit old. Lol.

Anyone giving me present on my 20th birthday? Can you consider this?
- A pair of Jimmy Choo's
- A Burberry or Miumiu handbag
- An Ipod Touch or Iphone
- A return air flight ticket plus allowance to go around the world
- A new laptop
- Love

Haha, okay, I am getting crazier, I think.
Then, be twenty, be happy!!!

U're the best I've ever had
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Memang lidah tak bertulang dan selamanya tak akan bertulang
Jika tidak, tak akan ada kesedihan yang terpekik di mana-mana

U're the best I've ever had
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Setiap kali, yang ada hanyalah rasa sakit, tapi aku tak bisa berbuat apa-apa
Ingin aku terima, mencoba untuk menyungging senyum, tapi bibirku kaku bagai terpahat dari es
Ingin aku lari, sejauh-jauhnya dari hiruk-pikuk ini, tapi kakiku tak mampu, bagai terbuat dari batu

Bagaimana harus kujalani hari-hari ini?
Bagaimana harus kulalui detik-detik yang menyiksa ini?

Aku terdorong, tertarik, tersentak, dan terjatuh
Aku tersiksa
Namun tak ada yang pedulikan jeritanku

Aku marah, menangis, teriak, dan menggeram
Aku tak berdaya
Namun bahkan tak ada yang menggubris

Aku teronggok bagai sampah di pinggiran bola dunia

U're the best I've ever had
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Welcome 2010!!!

Okay, maybe it's a bit late to greet everyone a happy new year, but still, I want to say, "HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!"

Today is the tenth day after the new year and I haven't posted anything to this blog. Pardon me. The reason is, I was being quite lazy to put any update in Palembang and I am quite (read: super) busy to spend my time writing in Singapore. Lol.

So, when it comes to new year, the thing that pops up in my mind is only new year resolution. Maybe it's a bit late, but it's better than not at all, right?

So, what should I achieve during this year?

  • A successful Indonesian Cultural Night
  • A good work in AECOM Singapore Pte. Ltd.
  • A good start of my final year project
  • A better relationship with my family, my bf, my friends, and God
  • A more patient and less sensitive personality
  • A beautiful soul
  • A successful weight loss diet plan
  • A summer trip with my besties

And of course, I should be a more mature girl. I am twenty this year, Guys!!!

Okay, welcome 2010!
Welcome 20!
Get along well with me, okay???? *wink*

U're the best I've ever had
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