Monday, March 30, 2009

You Teach Me a Unique Way of Loving

I was stunned, really. Being given a link by Valen, I just clicked it and found one of my besties' photo there. And guess, she's wearing a wedding gown!!!

OMG, I thought, "What the hell is this? She hasn't reached 19 years old yet, she's still a teenager."

And as I read the post there, I realized that I jumped to the conclusion too quickly. She's not getting married. She's just participating in such a wedding make up or whatever contest. Lol, she almost gave me heart attack.
Anyway, she got the third position in the contest. Congratz, Dear! ^^

And now, I am here, with a bundle of lecture notes, two textbooks, and a very exhausted brain, should prepare for my tomorrow Geotechnical engineering quiz, but what I do is thinking about my best friends. We are scattered here and there, one in Bandung, three in Yogyakarta, one in Singapore, three in Palembang, and even one in Swiss. Wow, it's amazing how we can still keep in touch to each other, sometimes I think.

My relationship with them is not a common friendship. They are really the best I have ever had, I should say. I am the one who talk a lot and is easily involved in any conversations, but deep inside my heart, I have only eight of them as my very best friends. They are sitting in the highest strata inside my heart, below my family. 

Our friendship is not the same as any other friendship. We seldom talked about cute guys or whatever, we never went hanging out to waste money for fashion, and we never polished each other's nail. We did gossiping of course as well as rotating manga comics, novels, and DVDs. We also discuss alot about current affairs, not only personal-related stuffs, but also worldwide basis things.

Yeah, that's our friendship, a unique way of sharing a big pan of love, LOVE.
As one of them said in her blog, our friendship is PERSAHABATAN YANG CERDAS---a smart friendship, in English.
I admit it, it's true. Because of them, I have failed to reached a state of being an empty-brained girl that always thinks about fashions and guys anytime and anywhere. I am grateful to have them to discuss D-case to Pembukaan UUD 45. I am grateful, really.

They are tied with my heart very tightly and I hope I am also inside their heart forever and ever.

And I imagine, some years later, what we would be and how our friendship is gonna be. I wonder, hmm.

Maybe Savitri will sit inside Gedung DPR and of course, not fall asleep when she's attending the meeting. She will fight for the sake of the poor citizens, I am sure. Maybe she can be inside the cabinet also, being a 'Menteri Pemberdayaan Perempuan' or 'Menteri Kesejahteraan'. It will be sooooo cool, Guys.

Then, Lisa, I think she will educate herself more and more, go overseas to continue her bachelor degree, and maybe get her PhD somewhere and teach somewhere also. She may also be an activist of Buddhist society or any humanities acts. She's growing now, and I know she will be a great person when the process is completed. Jia you!

Valent, I am sure, will be a good english teacher. She will be married to a good guy, have some cute children, and introduce English deeper to Palembang. OMG, I realize that I miss her a lot! 

Valen, hmm, I foresee (haha, as if I am a fortune teller) that she will move to the capital of Indonesia, create much much much designs of structures and bully me as the civil engineer. Haha. Please, don't bully me. >.<

Renni, she's sooo woman. Maybe she will really get married, build a great family, and give me some nieces and nephews. And the thing I know, I will not discover her marriage through other's blog. Lol.

Vivien, of course, after completing her degree, will be crossing the great Europe, live nomad here and there to find the best place for her. She will do event organizer kind of stuffs. Really, it will be so cool. And as she has settled her life, she will take her parents to share the happiness.

Merryn will get married before any other of us, I think. The record breaker! 

Dya's turn, but I see nothing here. OMG, my ability has declined. I am too sleepy already. Maybe she will be staying in Palembang after graduating, starting her own career, and live happily ever after there. Haha.

Then, for me myself, I hope I can be shining, also. I have some plans but I don't know which one will actually work on me. Can I go to Vancouver or Europe to continue my study? Can I study more about literature, especially Indonesian Literature? Can I have a good job yet be a writer?

All those questions, I don't know the answer, but the thing I know for sure is that I will fight for this friendship until I find myself cold inside a coffin.

Love you very much!

And now, I need to get back to Geotech or I will not get my 'questions' answered. Lol. Fightfightfight!!!

U're the best I've ever had
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Saturday, March 28, 2009

I care, what about you?

A bunch of people stand against Earth Hour. Earth Hour contributes nothing to the earth, they say. One hour electricity saving is only 1/8760 of a year consumption, they emphasize. Mass power on-off will give more burden to the power management system and even waste more energy, they insist.

But, really, I should say, that I definitely don't agree with them. Earth Hour is not a stupid thing to do, it's not only about what we save and what we waste at the same time. It covers a broader, higher, and deeper thought. It's not only a one-hour matter, it's the matter of long term saving.

The real point of Earth Hour is not the one-hour time we spend in the dark, but how we see it thereafter. I think, we are actually supposed to find the real 'chemistry' with our earth, but some people are just too apatist, they never think about humanity. Their brains are too full for humanity to slip in, all inside are just efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency. They even think about how much money and energy were spent to do the campaign. A bit too crazy for me. They cannot see the thing in long term basis, what is the possibility of Earth Hour to be Earth Day or even Earth Week.

Okay, Earth Week seems really impossible, but actually, we should know that Earth Hour is not held just for one hour, but for us to apply everyday. Save the electricity, conserve the water, save the earth.

You still want to live longer, right?

U're the best I've ever had
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Earth Hour 2009, off the light, brighten the future...

Guess, I can't resist the temptation to write!
I just can't stand spending my whole weekend only with lecture notes, textbooks, and tutorial questions although I have such everlasting quizzes next week.

This evening,  at 8.30 PM, I will switch off my laptop, turn off the lights at my room, and try to switch the fan off also. Maybe you are wondering, what the hell I am gonna do, but, hey, check your calendar, please! See today's date! 28th March 2009, EARTH HOUR 2009!

Yeah, today is the day for Earth Hour, the day when all people in this world (who care about the earth, of course) are supposed to turn off their light for one hour, 8.30 to 9.30 PM at local time. Only one hour life without lighting, but, still, some people grumble and feel like this event is going to be a useless thing.

Earth Hour was started 2 years ago in Sydney, Australia, and as the years pass, more and more participants are involved in this event. In 2007, 2.2 million of homes and offices in Sydney switched off their lights for one hour, 7.30 to 8.30 PM. One year later, in 2008, the effect has gone through much broader area; not only Australia, but also other countries; not only homes and offices, but also global landmarks. It was a big leap to see the San Fransisco's Gate Bridge threw its pride by standing quietly in the darkness from 8 to 9 PM for one hour. And this year, Earth Hour 2009 has targeted 1 billion people to switch off their light since 8.30 PM local time. 60 minutes for longer life of the earth.

Actually, I have been trying to provide you with the information of how much electricity will be saved, how much coal and oil will be conserved, and how much carbon monoxide will be reduced through Earth Hour, but unfortunately, I couldn't find it. LOL. So, I just want you to imagine how much ease we will bring to the earth by supporting this event. For 5 billion years, the earth is always suffering. Humans continously waste its resources, manipulate its landmark, pollute its atmosphere, and canibalize it. See, how much sufferings have we brought to our earth? Why should we grumble about living in the dark night for one hour only? Our earth has been living in the 'darkness' for five billion years.

Be considerate, Guys!
We still have dreams to achieve, we still have aims to fight for, we still have descendants we should care for. But, if we continue to bleed our earth, it's no use to have dreams, aims, goals, targets, decendants, or anything you want to call it, because, you will have NO TIME.

Don't dare to think that you will not contribute anything to the world since the world is so big and you are so small. You are wrong! You are fighting along with billions or even trillions people out there. And also, don't dare to think that without your contribution, nothing will be affected. You are wrong, too! A small contribution will be lumped to result in a tremendous effect. Our earth needs our love.
Please, shower it with a little of your love.

I have talked about Earth Hour last year, when my brain was not as contented as now. If you want to see, just go to this page.
Last year I read in Wikipedia that Jakarta was participating, but I wasn't sure. This year, I am sure that Indonesia is one off the supporters of Earth Hour. Some campaign has been propagated to encourage people to switch off their lights tonight, one of them is this video.

"Padamkan lampu, nyalakan masa depan"
Whoa, I like it very much. I hope all Indonesian are also touched by this campaign.

And see, I found this information
Switching off the lights in Jakarta for one hour, is equal to:
• reduce 300 MWh of electricity usage (enough to rest 1 power plant and provide electricity to 900 villages)
• save up the average electricity bills of Jakarta around Rp 200 million 
• reduce 284 tones of CO2
• save more than 284 trees
• produce clean air for more than 568 people

This is only for Jakarta, and can you imagine how much we will benefit from this event if all cities, big or small, do it?
So, Guys, let's support, Earth Hour 2009.

Same like last year, I still hope that someday, Earth Hour can transform to Earth Day, 24 hours without electricity.

Love your earth, switch your light off.

U're the best I've ever had
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o.O A piece of morning diary

The bad news:
My schedule is so tight! I can't breathe!
  • HW 210 oral presentation
  • MB 102 quiz
  • CV 2302 quiz
  • CV 2102 quiz
  • Yearbook meeting
  • NTU SU SEE meeting
  • NTU SU Writing Competition Closing Ceremony
And all of them are squeezed in one week. So sorry for my blog readers (OMG, I am overconfident, huh?), I can't update my blog with something informative and interesting enough. I am too tired to type and elaborate, and I think I have no time, although I have a bunch of things to share.

But, but, but, every cloud has a silver lining, they say. ^^
Instead of bad news, I have one good news:
I didn't suffer from my insomnia these few days. I could sleep easily, my sleep was sound, and I woke up feeling like 'new'. Yeah, I hope the stupid insomnia has lost its interest to me. Never come back, Honey!

Saturday morning, I just practiced my oral presentation several times with my powerpoint slides. But, I felt like very lousy. My tongue kept slipping and I always forgot what I should say. Geez, I wonder, why did my oral capability decline so much? I am playing too much with passive communication and I cannot speak up well now. So sad.

Four quizzes to go and we will 'happily' welcome the final exam! Since exam means the start of holiday, we should feel happy, right?

I remember a story I read somewhere about how a happiness was seen. Some never felt satisfied and of course, never felt happy. But the other, not much actually, would be greatly satisfied with only a small thing and they reached their happiness easily. So, it's all our choice, to which group we belong?

I admit, I've usually been the one who hardly satisfied. I like to grumble a lot. I have to change. Be a happier person.

I will try to see the star as big fireball that keeps burning and radiating energy, not as a tiny dot far-far away. My happiness is the star, a big fireball, not a tiny dot.
Ganbatte, Fen!

Happy exam!

U're the best I've ever had
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pemilu 2009, Demokrasi?

Pesta akbar!
Pesta yang mengundang seluruh penduduk Indonesia yang telah menikah atau di atas 17 tahun untuk menghadirinya.
Pesta yang dilaksanakan secarta simultan di 33 provinsi di Indonesia.
Pesta yang menghabiskan rupiah dengan jumlah yang nyaris tak terhingga.
Pesta untuk menyongsong hari depan yang lebih baik bagi negara tercinta.

Pemilihan Umum 2009.

Pemilu akan segera tiba. Hanya tinggal menghitung hari, seluruh rakyat Indonesia yang terdaftar akan memperoleh kesempatan untuk membubuhkan tanda centang pada surat suara mereka. 

Contreng, begitu istilahnya saat ini. Sungguh aneh mendengar kata contreng, asing di telinga saya. Lalu saya bertanya-tanya, apakah kata contreng ada di dalam KBBI? Saya pun masuk ke website ini dan menemukan bahwa kata contreng bukanlah Bahasa Indonesia yang baik dan benar. Sungguh miris, perhelatan akbar yang melibatkan seluruh penduduk negeri ini dihiasi dengan sebuah kata yang bahkan bukan Bahasa Indonesia. Sedih, tapi apa mau dikata, semua orang sudah mengenal kata contreng melalui banner-banner dan iklan-iklan di media massa.

Bahasa Indonesia dirusak oleh petinggi-petinggi bangsa. Kasihan.

Oke, lupakan masalah contreng-mencontreng. Kembali ke Pemilu yang tinggal menghitung hari. Pemilu kali ini dibagi menjadi 2 tahap, yang mana tahap pertamanya adalah Pemilu Legislatif dan tahap keduanya adalah Pemilu Presiden.

9 April nanti, hanya tinggal beberapa kali putaran matahari, masyarakat Indonesia akan mengirimkan suaranya, memberikan kursi kepada para calon yang nantinya akan menduduki kursi DPR yang empuk hingga tertidur. Pemilu tahap kedua pun akan dilaksanakan setelah hasil perolehan kursi diumumkan dan dijadwalkan pada bulan Juli 2009 dengan tanggal yang masih tentatif.

Pemilu 2009 adalah Pemilu saya yang pertama sejak saya dilahirkan di dunia ini. Ya, saya mendapatkan KTP pada tahun 2007 dan pada saat itu presiden yang sekarang masih berada di tengah-tengah masa jabatannya, jadi saya baru mendapat kesempatan untuk membantu Indonesia dengan suara saya di usia saya yang ke-19.

Dulu, ketika saya masih terlalu muda untuk tahu kehidupan yang sesungguhnya, saya kira saya akan sangat antusias pada Pemilu pertama saya kelak. Saya membayangkan berada di dalam bilik suara, memandang kertas suara beserta paku yang disediakan di dalamnya, memasukkan suara saya ke dalam kotak suara, pulang ke rumah dan mendapati jari kelingking saya sudah berwarna hitam. Saya sangat bersemangat, dulu. Itu dulu. Namun ternyata, apa yang saya rasakan saat ini?
I just don't care.
Ya, saya malah cenderung tak mau ambil pusing. Saya tak tahu tanggal berapa Pemilu akan dilaksanakan sebelum saya mendapat surat dari KBRI, saya tak tahu berapa jumlah partai dan partai apa saja yang berpartisipasi dalam Pemilu kali ini, saya tak tahu siapa saja calon presiden dan wakil presiden Indonesia nantinya, I just know nothing.

Hingga tadi siang, sebuah website mengubah orientasi saya akan Pemilu. Website apa? Tentu saja website ini.

Dan ini yang saya temukan.

Jangan bandingkan pencitraan video ini dengan anime-anime Jepang atau kartun-kartun Amerika. Mungkin memang, masih banyak kekurangannya dari segi visualisasi, tapi cobalah tengok lebih dalam, dan temukanlah pesan-pesan mendalam dalam video ini.

Video yang tergolong singkat, tapi sarat makna, dan tentu saja, menohok berbagai pihak. Saya suka cara ia menyindir. Haha.

Yang disampaikan oleh video ini sungguh menggambarkan Indonesia yang sebenar-benarnya. Mari bercermin.
  1. Pemilu ditanggapi dengan tidak antusias oleh masyarakat. Tempat pemungutan suara kosong melompong, ada yang menganggap bilik suara jamban, dan banyak yang memilih 'golput'.
  2. Rapat DPR tidak pernah berjalan dengan baik. Saking empuknya kursi panas di dalam sana, pejabat legislatif selalu ketiduran dari awal hingga akhir rapat. Sebagian tidak tidur, tapi bermain di dalam dunia mereka sendiri di dalam ruang rapat.
  3. Para calon presiden dan wakil presiden bertarung untuk kepentingan mereka sendiri, tanpa memperhatikan rakyat dengan sungguh-sungguh. Berkampanye dengan menghalalkan segala cara, mengumbar janji-janji palsu, membodohi rakyat. Keterlaluan!
  4. Para pejabat pemerintahan selalu berpikir untuk menyalip mereka yang berada di atas dengan segala cara.
  5. Ada oknum-oknum tertentu yang sok suci dan mengharamkan segala hal atas dasar sesuatu yang sebenarnya tidak jelas.
  6. Masyarakat yang terlalu pasrah, tidak mau berusaha, dan malah menyalahkan pemerintah atas hidup mereka yang tak pernah bahagia. 

Satu video yang tak sampai 10 menit mampu menyindir seisi Indonesia. Sekali tepuk, jutaan lalat mati seketika.

Mari bangun Indonesia yang lebih baik. Pergunakan hak pilih dengan bijak, dukung pejabat terpilih sepenuh hati, dan percaya bahwa NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!

U're the best I've ever had
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Di Sini

Angin telah terbangkan cintaku dari hatimu
Hujan telah sapu bersih kenanganku dalam sanubarimu
Aku sadari itu

Relung hatimu tak mampu lagi simpan asaku
Aku tahu itu

Dan di sana, wahai Engkau yang kucinta
Senyummu masih mengembang, bagai pelangi sore hari
Dan di sana, Kekasih hati tak terjamah
Matamu masih bersinar seumpama mentari senja

Dan di sini, ada aku, dengan hatiku yang penuh memori masa lalu
Dan di sini, ada cintaku, dengan retakan-retakan yang tak dapat kembali utuh

Aku, sungguh rapuh

Poor me
You came, created these cracks, then left me

U're the best I've ever had
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


According to Wikipedia,
Insomnia is a symptom[1] of a sleeping disorder characterized by persistent difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep despite the opportunity. Insomnia is a symptom, not a stand-alone diagnosis or a disease. By definition, insomnia is "difficulty initiating or maintaining sleep, or both".

I have suffered from this symptom since last month, the time when I fell that I was sick enough to die.

Although there are several different degrees of insomnia, three types of insomnia have been clearly identified: transient, acute, and chronic.

  1. Transient insomnia lasts from days to weeks. It can be caused by another disorder, by changes in the sleep environment, by the timing of sleep, severe depression, or by stress. Its consequences - sleepiness and impaired psychomotor performance - are similar to those of sleep deprivation.[5]
  2. Acute insomnia is the inability to consistently sleep well for a period of between three weeks to six months.[6]
  3. Chronic insomnia lasts for years at a time. It can be caused by another disorder, or it can be a primary disorder. Its effects can vary according to its causes. They might include sleepiness, muscular fatigue, hallucinations, and/or mental fatigue; but people with chronic insomnia often show increased alertness. Some people that live with this disorder see things as though they were happening in slow motion, whereas moving objects seem to blend together. Can cause double vision.[5]
I am not the third one, of course. Phew.

I feel very hard to fall asleep, regardless what time it is, but I feel sleepy in the day time. After waking up in the middle of the night, again, I can't easily go back to my sleeping state. I have read that a research showed that the average time needed by most people to fall asleep is 7 minutes. See, I need 1 hour or so! Sigh*
And another thing, I always wake up at around 7 or 8 in the morning, although if I fall asleep at 2AM. Sometimes I can go back to my sleep, sometimes my brain just keeps running, forces me to get up and start my day.

The pattern of insomnia often is related to the etiology.[7]

  1. Onset insomnia - difficulty falling asleep at the beginning of the night, often associated with anxiety disorders.
  2. Middle-of-the-Night Insomnia - Insomnia characterized by difficulty returning to sleep after awakening in the middle of the night or waking too early in the morning. Also referred to as nocturnal awakenings. Encompasses middle and terminal insomnia.
  3. Middle insomnia - waking during the middle of the night, difficulty maintaining sleep. Often associated with pain disorders or medical illness.
  4. Terminal (or late) insomnia - early morning waking. Characteristic of clinical depression.

I get all the pattern, I think.

Insomnia is something that I fear of now. In the past, I seldom felt hard to go to my dream land. I was the one quite sensitive to the comfort of a pillow and blanket. I used to fall asleep easily, but now, I am just an inso-girl.

And I had a CV 2003 quiz on Thursday. On Tuesday night, I just decided that I was to restless to study more, I went to sleep at 9PM. But, actually, it was just a blank plan, I felt asleep at around 11PM, 2 hours after I decided to close my eyes. Really uncool, huh? Then, guess, after 4 hours of a far-from-peaceful sleep, the stupid fire alarm started to ring. I jumped automatically and went out, but found nothing. I waited for my neighbours to come out, but it looked like they just slept like pig. Lol. Then, after 15 minutes, and no one awoke, I guessed the alarm was just tired and stopped ringing. I tried to get back to my sleep but again, another session of insomnia. 

The day after, I went to sleep at 10PM, fell asleep at 11 plus. And guess, another interruption! Power called me at around 12. Omigod! My sensitive ear caught the sound of the vibration of my phone and it suddenly woke me up. And he just asked, "Friendster sama Facebook itu termasuk apa, ya?". Gosh, because of a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE, I need to pause my sleep and to get back to it, I needed to wait for the almost forever buffering.

My brain keeps running and running, never lets me to rest. There's always something to think of. My brain is too hyperactive. I want a more normal life. I don't want to be a bat. I don't know what has caused my insomnia, and maybe Uncle Wiki can help.

Insomnia can be caused by:

I think I'm just stressed out and my hormones have shifted here and there, dancing like mad.

I am restless but I just don't know how to rest as well as I am loveless but I just don't know how to love. Haha, the latter part, please just ignore it, I am just to tired to delete them. Lol.

So, do you Guys face the same problem as I do?

U're the best I've ever had
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Untuk Hati yang Kian Menjauh

Untuk hati yang kian menjauh,

Kau datang, kau pergi
Dia datang, dia pergi
Kalian datang, kalian pergi

Menjauh membawa kepingan demi kepingan hati
Menyisakan sejuta kenangan untuk ditangisi

Yang tersisa hanya aku dan lukaku
Menatap senja menelan habis punggungmu dari sudut mataku

U're the best I've ever had
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Friday, March 20, 2009

A Boy like You

I saw the brownish hair
I thought it was you
No, just a boy like you

I saw the purple shirt
I thought it was you
No, just a boy like you

I smell the perfume
I thought it was you
No, just a boy like you

I heard the sneezing sound
I though it was you
No, just a boy like you

I felt a gentle pair of eyes
I thought it was you
No, just a boy like you


I look inside my heart
I see, I smell, I hear, I feel agony
Just a boy like you, I say to myself
No, it's you 
It's only you who gave me the tears

U're the best I've ever had
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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Berbahasa Satu, Bahasa Indonesia

"AdUh, mu'uPhZ YaWH cYanK, aQuWh L9 xiBu9H bUn9eDh..."

Mengetik satu kalimat, delapan kata, empat puluh tujuh karakter di atas, saya merasa sangat kesulitan, terengah-engah sampai kehabisan napas. Oke, lima kata terakhir hanyalah hasil kreatifitas yang berlebihan. Intinya, saya kesulitan menulis dengan bahasa yang entah dari mana asalnya itu, dan saya yakin yang membaca pun pasti sulit menginterpretasikan apa yang saya tuliskan. Dan, pertanyaan saya hanya satu, siapakah orang kurang kerjaan yang menciptakan bahasa begini? 

Bahasa diciptakan dengan tujuan untuk mempermudah komunikasi antarmanusia. Jika bahasa tak pernah diciptakan, kita hanya akan berkomunikasi secara nonverbal, melalui ekspresi ini-itu, kegiatan saling tunjuk-menunjuk, atau mungkin bisa saja kita menari-nari aneh untuk menunjukkan kepada orang lain apa yang ingin kita sampaikan.

See? Bahasa benar-benar mempermudah hidup kita, melengkapi non-verbal dengan verbal. Mereka sempurna. Ya, sempurna. Dengan bahasa, manusia dapat mempercepat proses penyampaian pesan kepada si penerima dan si penerima juga dapat memberikan respon kepada si pemberi pesan dengan media yang sama untuk meminimalisasi kesalahpahaman.

Namun, sayangnya, orang-orang yang terlalu jenius dari Indonesia tidak suka segala sesuatu berjalan dengan simpel dan mudah, mereka menyukai 'inovasi'. Lihatlah apa yang telah mereka lakukan kepada bahasa ibu mereka. Ya, benar, MODIFIKASI. 

Ternyata bukan hanya motor dan mobil yang bisa dimodifikasi, bahasa pun bisa dengan mudahnya dimodifikasi. Tak perlu keluar uang, lagi! Sementara modifikasi motor mengharuskan kita merogoh kocek sampai sekian juta.

Dan begitulah, entah anak jenius mana yang memulai modifikasi besar-besaran ini. Bahasa Indonesia yang telah sedemikian tertata dan user-friendly diacak-acak. Penggunaan huruf kapital yang seharusnya hanya di awal kalimat atau untuk menyebut nama diganti cara pakainya, huruf kapital diselipkan di tengah-tengah kata setiap beberapa huruf sekali. Angka yang digunakan untuk penomoran atau bilangan pun dijadikan sebuah huruf dan diselipkan di tengah kata. Begitu pula dengan ejaan-ejaan baku yang sudah sangat umum dipelintir lebih jauh menjadi sangat ribet dan tak karuan.

Berikut adalah contoh-contoh Bahasa Indonesia modifikasi yang saya quote dari notes-nya Nana di Facebook:
> - iya : ia, iaa, ay, etc
> - kamu: kamuh, kammo, kamoh, kamuwh, kamyu, qamu, etc
> - aku : akyu,aq,akko,akkoh,aquwh,quh, etc
> - maaf: mu'uph,muphs,maav,etc
> - sorry: cowyie,cory,tory(?),etc
> - add : ett,etths,aad,edd,etc
> - for : vo,fur(zz),pols,etc
> - lagi : agi,agy, etc
> - makan: mums,mu'umhs,etc
> - lucu : lutchuw,uchul,luthu,etc
> - siapa: cppa,cp,ciuppu,siappva,etc
> - apa : uppu,apva,aps,etc
> - narsis: narciezt,narciest,etc
> - anak mana? : naq mnah?, etc
> - gw : w,wee, 9, 6, etc
> - dong : dunkz,dungs, etc

Bayangkan, mau jadi apa Indonesia? Kreativitas ada pada tempat yang salah dan tidak seharusnya. Memang, tidak ada undang-undang yang melarang modifikasi Bahasa Indonesia menjadi seperti ini, tapi menurut saya, hal ini adalah sebuah bentuk penghinaan terhadap bahasa negara kita. 

Bahasa Indonesia punya banyak dialek, iya, benar, tapi itu bukanlah penghinaan. Dialek dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia menunjukkan kekayaan Bahasa Indonesia itu sendiri. Case-nya berbeda. 

Begitu pula dengan sms yang ditulis secara singkat, menurut saya hal itu bukanlah sebuah bentuk penghinaan. Bagaimana pun, limit karakter yang disediakan untuk menulis SMS itulah yang memaksa kita menyingkat Bahasa Indonesia. Bayangkan jika kita menulis SMS dengan bahasa modifikasi seperti di atas, karakter makin cepat habis, bukannya jadi singkat.

Setelah mencari tahu melalui Paman Google, saya mendapat kesan bahwa banyak orang menganggap bahasa seperti ini diciptakan oleh Alay alias anak layangan. Anak layangan adalah istilah untuk anak-anak kampung yang sok kota, merasa diri mereka lebih hebat daripada yan lain. Tapi saya tidak yakin kalau bahasa yang bisa menyebar luas ke mana-mana ini didalangi oleh sekumpulan orang yang boleh dibilang 'strata bawah'.

Bertahun-tahun yang lalu, Debby Sahertian meluncurkan Kamus Bahasa Gaul, dan menurut saya, hal inilah yang menjadi akar dari segala modifikasi bahasa gila-gilaan yang ada sekarang ini. Saya heran kenapa kamus itu mendapat izin untuk diterbitkan. Sama sekali tidak mendidik. Sampah, itu yang akan saya katakan kalau saya boleh jujur. Disrespek! Mengubah bahasa nasional sama saja dengan meludahi sang saka merah putih.

Yang membuat saya miris, kenapa sikap apatis anak bangsa malah muncul di saat Bahasa Indonesia sedang berusaha merangkak menuju posisi yang lebih dihargai oleh dunia? 

Obama terpilih menjadi penyelamat US, Obama pernah tinggal di Indonesia, bahkan Obama bisa Bahasa indonesia, dan Obama pernah pamer Bahasa Indonesianya di Amerika sana. Hal ini tentu saja sedikit banyak meningkatkan citra bahasa kita di mata dunia.

Bahasa Indonesia mulai diminati di mancanegara. Australia menjadikan Bahasa Indonesia sebagai mata pelajaran wajib yang diajarkan di sekolah-sekolah. Banyak orang menawarkan kursus Bahasa Indonesia di Australia. Belanda pun demikian. Lebih dari 50 negara telah mempelajari Bahasa Indonesia. Tak menutup kemungkinan negara-negara lain akan menyusul nantinya. Satu poin lagi untuk Bahasa Indonesia.

Bahasa Indonesia menjadi bahasa ke-3 terbanyak yang digunakan di situs Tak menutup kemungkinan bahwa Bahasa Indonesia nantinya akan menjadi bahasa dunia, begitu yang dapat saya kutip dari sebuah artikel. Menurutnya, Bahasa Indonesia yang simpel dan tidak sulit untuk dipelajari membuat bahasa ibu kita menjadi salah satu kandidat kuat bahasa internasional masa depan.

Saya sangat bangga memiliki Bahasa Indonesia.

Namun, kebanggaan saya berganti dengan kegetiran saat mengetahui bahasa ibu saya sudah diinjak-injak oleh sekumpulan orang (entah siapa) yang tidak bertanggungjawab. Bayangkan, bagaimana jika ada orang dari negara lain yang secara khusus datang ke Indonesia untuk belajar bahasa, dan di tengah euforia-nya, ia mendapati kalau ada banyak sekali cara penulisan 'aku': aku, aq, aquwh, aqiuwh, lalala. Ya, ya, ya, kalau saya jadi dia, saya akan langsung kehilangan selera untuk belajar. 

Dari tiga poin plus, Bahasa Indonesia terjun bebas lagi.

Ya, ya, ya, kasihan. Tapi salah siapa? Lagi-lagi salah kita, generasi muda, yang seharusnya membangun, malah menghancurkan bangsa. Lagi-lagi salah kita, generasi muda, yang tak pernah paham akan sebuah warisan dan hanya suka bergaya-gaya. Lagi-lagi salah kita, generasi muda, yang tak pernah serius belajar Kewarganegaraan dan menanamkan nasionalisme di hati kita.

Dan saya teringat kata-kata Valen, "Lebih baik kita, ya, pake bahasa daerah, daripada pake bahasa aneh-aneh kaya gitu."

Saya setuju, daripada saya menggunakan bahasa norak itu, saya lebih suka dialek daerah saya, Palembang. Biar saja banyak yang bilang Bahasa Palembang itu aneh, biar saja banyak yang suka tertawa sendiri mendengar saya bicara Bahasa Palembang, biar saja banyak yang suka seenaknya menambahkan 'o' pada setiap kata-kata yang dia ucapkan untuk (entah) ngatain bahasa daerah saya, biar saja banyak yang suka jayus-jayus manggil saya 'Febrino'. Saya bangga saya punya bahasa daerah, saya bangga saya masih cinta sepenuh hati pada Bahasa Indonesia, saya bangga saya tidak meludahi bahasa saya sendiri.

Hidup Bahasa Indonesia!

Bahasa Indonesia, cintaku padamu...

U're the best I've ever had
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

She still needs more time to live

A girl is suffering in National University Hospital now.

Before you continue reading, please don't respond or think, "Who is she? I don't know her. I don't care!"

Please, please, please, finish reading and watching the video before you give any respond.

The lines below is quoted from and I hope he's ok with his writing stuck in my blog.

Her name is Zhang Xiaoou. She is one of the top Chinese scholars who serve her fellow students and community with love and passion. However, on 4th March, 2009, her life took a fatal turn. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), a life-threatening disease that will post a staggering SGD 400,000 medical bill to her middle-income family (Xiaoou's mother is unemployed. Her father is a normal worker with average income of SGD 400 per month). Her current insurance can only help her pay SGD 30,000

Xiaoou is one of the most outstanding among the Chinese scholars. She is a smart and diligent senior year student from National University of Singapore with excellent academic results. During her four years of study, she has been placed several times on the Dean's List which is awarded to the top 5% students only. Last year, she won the NUS Student Exchange Award and became an NUS Ambassador to the University of California, United States, and obtained an impressive result (GPA 3.94 out of 4) during her half-a-year stay there. Xiaoou is also an active leader and participant in various school and social activities. She was the Vice Chairperson of NUS Student Union Welfare Committee and volunteered as a teaching assistant for community service project -“GIVE”.

She's scholar, she's one of the excellent international students Singapore has, she is an active student, she's an NUS ambassador, but she's suffering from acute lymphocytic leucemia (ALL). 
And she needs almost impossible amount of money she can afford to get her treatment.

I am sure she still has some, or a lot of, dreams to achieve. I am sure she still wants to go to working life, earn money, and help her parents. I am sure she still eagers to visit more new places. I am sure she still waits for her soulmate to appear. I am sure she still needs more time to live.

She will have graduated from NUS and started her working life two at July 2009, but now, what she can do is just counting the days pass by, watching the sun rises and sets, feeling the pain more and more painful.

She just missed her chance to shine, but she believes that she can shine brighter at another chance. She wants to fight against the illness. She's not giving up!

So, Guys, do you still think that you don't care?

Please visit this site to see everything clearer.

Noone force you to donate, but please, at least, pray for her. Although you don't know her, she's is still a human being, and she has the right to continue living. Can you imagine if you are the one in her position? Or your loved one? I can't.

I am really sure now, life is short.

So, Guys, mind to help?

Tell this to your friends and let's learn to empathyse more on others. I don't mind if you want to copy and paste this post and put it inside your blog. 


U're the best I've ever had
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11 random things I love

I just finished doing my part for my technical communication formal report. So happy that I just managed to finish it before my lunch. My goal was achieved. Yeah. I found it harder to write such a technical writing since I usually wrote anything whitout thinking and structuring the skeleton before.  

Like now, I am writing everything I want to write, freely. That's why I never got a solid and structured post in my blog. All were full of distortion. Lol.


My friend just said to me that we should speak out all of our feelings and thoughts before everything was too late. So, I thought and I promised to myself, I should do the same, live the life to the fullest, act as if there will be no tomorrow.


Yeah, my favorite words now.


See, how I made my post tap here and there? Meaningless post. Actually I thought of listing down eleven things I like the most before creating this post, but now I distracted it by myself. Gosh, I need to be more consistent or maybe I should learn writing more?


So, now, I list down eleven things I like the most. Remember, it's not in ascending or descending order. All are just random. So, don't try to make me choose one from two of them because I like them all. 

#1 Travelling

My dream is to visit everywhere around the world. Since the first time I heard the phrase 'round the world', I felt like doing it. I want to visit all 7 wonders, I want to go to all Disneyland around the world, I want to go to Europe and America, I even want to go to Africa. If I were a man, I think I would spare my one year after college time to go backpacking. But, since I am a girl, it seems less possible for me be abackpacker. So, I will seek lot of
 money to pay for my travel plan. Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, China, France, Italy, Hawaii, Spain, Las Vegas, Athena, Egypt, Bermuda, I'm coming!!!

#2 Reading

I love reading very much. I think I can stand living without something to watch, but I won't survive without novels and any other stuffs to be read. I learnt to love reading since I was in the last year of kindergarten. My mom bought me 'Donald Duck' every week and I always read that more than once. Entering elementary school, my reading materials expanded to comics. As time went by, I loved reading more and more. But my mom doesn't really like my hobby since I will be haf-died if I am reading. Full concentration. Haha.

#3 Fruits

I love fruits! Yummy! I love them all, except duku. Actually, I don't know what duku is called in English, so I leave it to be just duku. Hahaha. I don't know how to explain this liking, but I really love them. Besides, fruits are healthy, full of vitamines, and don't make you grow fatter. Lol.

#4 Disney

I guess this love came from 'Donald Duck'. I knew Walt Disney's characters since I was kindergarten, so it's so obvious that I loved them very much! Donald Duck and his big big family, Mickey Mouse and his friends, Chip and Dale, Winnie the Pooh and friends, Disney's princesses: Ariel, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine, Snow White, and Mulan, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Toy's Story,Bolt,  and even High School Musical. Yeah, I love them all and of course, I love Disneyland! 

#5 Writing

Don't try to separate my life from writing, I sure cannot. I just love to write everything I think about. I have been in love with writing since I was in elementary school. Ibu Elis taught me to write for the Bahasa Indonesia competition and I just continued to write even after the competition ended and I suffered a lost. I have a dream to be a real writer and publish a book. I am not sure I can work out the dream to come true, but one thing I am sure that I will always love writing until my hand is too stiff to hold the pen.

#6 Purple

Don't ask me why I like this colour. I also never know the reason. They say purple is 'warna janda' and I just don't care. Maybe that's why I haven't got a boyfriend until now. Haha. Nevermind, as long as purple is by my side.

#7 Scrabble

Steve showed me the thing called Scrabble and I just fell in love at the first sight. I really like this game although I never knew the real game of Scrabble when I was in senior high school. Entering university, Ko Herry asked me to join IHG and IG and now, I am happy to be the part of Hall Six Scrabble Team and Indoscrabblerzzz. Love my team, love Scrabble!

#8 Yoyo Cici

I started to know these two cute monkeys since I entered university. I just love their cutes appearances and I can never resist any temptation to buy any Yoyo Cici things. I collected the MSN emoticon, I bought the handphone pouch, the handphone accessories, the keychain, the notebook, and any other thing I saw. I love them, but they reduce my money. Hix.

#9 Gado-gado

Gado gado is a traditional Indonesian dishes made by mixing some kinds of vegetables, tofu, riceball (lontong, izzit?) and egg and pouring nut sauce on top of it. Gado-gado is usually eaten with fish or prawn cracker. Hmm, so delicious! I can't resist the temptation to eat gado-gado everytime I go back to Indonesia. Actually, Singapore's 'Ayam Penyet Ria' sells gado-gado, but, but, but, the price is more than fantastic. Huhu. Gado-gado, miss you!

#10 Bag

I am just an ordinary girl that like fashion very much and I am crazy about bags!!! I love bag more than any other things like dress, pants, jewel, or shoes. I always think to spend my money everytime I see a cute one, but I must resist it since bag is not a cheap thing. Usually, I wait for my mom to subsidize me to buy those Esprit, Elle, Guess, and CK's bag. Someday, I promise, I will buy PRADA!!! Yeah.

#11 Home
home.jpg home image by stephlovexo
Hey, this one is sooooo obvious, right? I love my home very much! Don't ask me why, but ask yourself instead. Do you love your home? If your answer is not, please reflect and see deep inside your heart, there must be something wrong with you. Haha.

U're the best I've ever had

P.S. I am longing to a pair of beautiful sandals I found in Pretty FIT yesterday, but it's so expensive. And I want pedometer also, want it very much. On the top of the top of all wish, I want a new phone!!!
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dari Rindu hingga Keyboard

#1 Rindu
Apa yang salah dengan diriku? Mengapa aku harus memikirkanmu, mencari-cari kehadiranmu? Mengapa aku ingin tertawa bersamamu, membicarakan bunga dan mimpi-mimpi bersamamu? Mengapa? Bahkan namamu pun aku tak tahu. Ah, kata Shakespeare, apalah artinya sebuah nama? Mawar tetap akan harum walau diberi julukan berbeda. Aku yakin kau tetap indah meskipun kau tak punya nama.
Wahai, Tuan Tak Bernama, rinduku padamu.

#2 Bodoh
Kelas HRM berakhir lebih cepat daripada biasanya dikarenakan jawaban yang harus dicatat tak sebanyak biasanya. Sekembalinya ke kamar, banyaknya rambut bertebaran dan remah-remah karet penghapus berceceran mulai terasa mengganggu. Jadwal bersih-bersih yang seharusnya setiap hari Jumat dimajukan menjadi hari ini. Diiringi lagu-lagu random dari Winamp, mini vacumm pun mulai dipekerjakan untuk menyedot debu-debu di sela-sela tombol keyboard. Layar pun juga tak ketinggalan, dibersihkan dengan seksama menggunakan kain dan cairan pembersih khusus. Lalu meja, bingkai-bingkai foto, lemari es, dan jendela dibersihkan dengan kain lap yang kemudian dicuci bersih lalu dijemur. Terakhir, lantai disapu dan dipel agar mengkilat. 
Hasil kerja yang memuaskan. Komputer pun kembali digandrungi. Tutorial menanti untuk dikerjakan, tapi sulit. Akhirnya Google pun didatangi. Kata kunci diketik. Tapi, tapi, tapi, kenapa spasi tak kunjung muncul walaupun sudah ditekan bahkan dengan tenaga kuda? Tidaaaaak, spasi koma, butuh perawatan intensif, tapi bagaimana? Waktu tak mengizinkan, ada tugas yang harus dikerjakan, belum lagi hidup yang mati tanpa internet seandainya Lenovo harus rawat inap.
Bodoh. Ingin membersihkan, malah merusakkan.
Akhirnya SMS dikirimkan kepada orang-orang yang kira-kira berpotensi memiliki keyboard cadangan. Terimakasih, Ahin!

#3 Kesal
Tiba-tiba saja, kekesalan itu datang. Tak pernah kuminta, tak pernah kunanti, apalagi kuimpikan, hati ini tiba-tiba saja menjadi tak karuan derunya. Ingin marah, merasa kecewa, sedikit rasa bersalah, semuanya bercampur menjadi satu. Bahkan semut tak berdosa yang berjalan tanpa dosa di atas meja belajarku pun membuatku kesal. Aku ingin menangis, tapi aku tak punya sedikitpun alasan yang mengizinkanku untuk berlinang air mata. Hanya kesal, atasi.

#4 Empati
Aku merindukan empati itu. Aku ingin merasakannya sekali lagi. Nyawa-nyawa dan jiwa-jiwa yang pergi diberikan penghargaan khusus. Mungkin tidak ditangisi, tapi setidaknya bersama-sama didoakan. Namun, apa yang kudapat di sini? Hanya beberapa hari berselang, tak ada lagi gaung kesedihan dan keingintahuan akan kebenaran. Jangankan beberapa hari, beberapa jam pun tak disisihkan untuk kembali melihat dan merenungi apa yang terjadi. Tak ada doa-doa bersama, tak ada masa hening. Hanya ada egoisme tingkat tinggi. Aku rindu doa-doa bergaung dari pengeras suara kecil di ujung ruangan itu.

#5 Civil Engineering Material
Pavement, steel, woods, polymer, masonry, dan concrete. Apa pun itu, aku harus berusaha mengerti tentang mereka sedalam-dalamnya. Aku telah berusaha untuk belajar sejak kemarin, tapi apa yang kubaca mengalir keluar dari lubang lain di otakku. Sepertinya kepalaku bocor.

#6 Dilema
Hidup ini dilema, penuh pilihan, tapi tak semuanya pilihan yang baik. Yang satu menjerumuskan, yang lainnya tak ada bedanya. Ibaratnya, berbelok ke kanan menjumpai singa, berbelok ke kiri mendapati buaya. Ingin aku terjun saja, menghindari buaya dan singa, tapi di depan ada jurang. Dilema, hidup ini dilema.

#7 Janji
Janjji dibuat untuk dilanggar. Iya, benar juga. Di mana letak estetika sebuah janji jika ia terus dijalankan dalam jalurnya? Janjimu padaku, hanyalah janji yang kau buat untuk kau langgar, dan aku hanyalah sedikit aksesoris dalam estetika janjimu. Aku tak mau lagi mendengar janji-janji, aku tak mau lagi mencabik-cabik hatiku sendiri.

#8 Kamar
St*pid NTU! Memaksa semua siswanya untukl hengkang dari hostel dan terlunta-lunta di jalanan. Bagaimana tidak pelajar-pelajar di sini stress dan butuh konseling??? Jelas saja stress, wong kebutuhan primer saja nyaris tidak terpenuhi. Karena sedikit prestise yang bakal didapatkannya, universitas ini tega membuang semua pelajarnya ke jalanan. Harus keluar tanggal 30 April, titik. Lalu, barang-barang yang jumlahnya tidak sedikit ini bagaimana? Mereka memberika storage facilities, tapi dalam jangka waktu terbatas dan untuk jumlah yang tidak banyak. Terms and conditions applied, begitu istilah mereka. Dan, sangat bisa ditebak, saya akan keluar dari hostel pada tanggal 30 April walaupun saya masih harus tinggal di negara aneh ini hingga 7 Mei, demi storage. Stupid!!!

#9 Techinical Communication report
Masih menanti pekerjaan mereka. Semoga apa yang telah ditanam berbuah manis dan dapat dituai dengan senyum.

#10 Exam Welfare Package
Masih punya daftar panjang untuk dicentang. Masih harus menghubungi satu demi satu perusahaan yang terdata dan mengirimkan proposal untuk meminta-minta sedikit produk mereka. Pengemis intelektual, julukan yang saya berikan bagi diri saya sendiri. Perasaan ditolak dan diterima sudah saya rasakan. Ada yang menolak dengan kasar, ada yang memikirkan baik-baik bagaimana perasaan saya yang membaca sebelum merangkai kata-kata. Ada juga yang menerima saya dengan mudahnya, ada pula yang memberikan harapan kosong lalu menolak. Entah halus, kasar, atau halus-kasar, intinya tetap sama, ditolak. Sepertinya saya harus bersiap untuk ditolak lagi. Ditolak dan ditolak. 

#11 Keyboard pinjaman
Berhasil mendapatkan keyboard dari Ahin, saya bahagia akhirnya menemukan kembali spasi yang telah hilang selama berjam-jam. Namun, keyboard ini sungguh menyiksa saya. Tombol yang keras dan besar, sangat berbeda dengan keyboard di laptop saya yang 12 inch. Alih-alih menekan tombol backspace, saya malah menekan tombol backslash. Ingin menekan m, malah menekan n. Saya masih terbayang keyboard saya yang kecil mungil. Ayo, adaptasi!!!

11 adalah angka yang sempurna, begitu kata Dewi Lestari.

U're the best I've ever had
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