Monday, March 30, 2009

You Teach Me a Unique Way of Loving

I was stunned, really. Being given a link by Valen, I just clicked it and found one of my besties' photo there. And guess, she's wearing a wedding gown!!!

OMG, I thought, "What the hell is this? She hasn't reached 19 years old yet, she's still a teenager."

And as I read the post there, I realized that I jumped to the conclusion too quickly. She's not getting married. She's just participating in such a wedding make up or whatever contest. Lol, she almost gave me heart attack.
Anyway, she got the third position in the contest. Congratz, Dear! ^^

And now, I am here, with a bundle of lecture notes, two textbooks, and a very exhausted brain, should prepare for my tomorrow Geotechnical engineering quiz, but what I do is thinking about my best friends. We are scattered here and there, one in Bandung, three in Yogyakarta, one in Singapore, three in Palembang, and even one in Swiss. Wow, it's amazing how we can still keep in touch to each other, sometimes I think.

My relationship with them is not a common friendship. They are really the best I have ever had, I should say. I am the one who talk a lot and is easily involved in any conversations, but deep inside my heart, I have only eight of them as my very best friends. They are sitting in the highest strata inside my heart, below my family. 

Our friendship is not the same as any other friendship. We seldom talked about cute guys or whatever, we never went hanging out to waste money for fashion, and we never polished each other's nail. We did gossiping of course as well as rotating manga comics, novels, and DVDs. We also discuss alot about current affairs, not only personal-related stuffs, but also worldwide basis things.

Yeah, that's our friendship, a unique way of sharing a big pan of love, LOVE.
As one of them said in her blog, our friendship is PERSAHABATAN YANG CERDAS---a smart friendship, in English.
I admit it, it's true. Because of them, I have failed to reached a state of being an empty-brained girl that always thinks about fashions and guys anytime and anywhere. I am grateful to have them to discuss D-case to Pembukaan UUD 45. I am grateful, really.

They are tied with my heart very tightly and I hope I am also inside their heart forever and ever.

And I imagine, some years later, what we would be and how our friendship is gonna be. I wonder, hmm.

Maybe Savitri will sit inside Gedung DPR and of course, not fall asleep when she's attending the meeting. She will fight for the sake of the poor citizens, I am sure. Maybe she can be inside the cabinet also, being a 'Menteri Pemberdayaan Perempuan' or 'Menteri Kesejahteraan'. It will be sooooo cool, Guys.

Then, Lisa, I think she will educate herself more and more, go overseas to continue her bachelor degree, and maybe get her PhD somewhere and teach somewhere also. She may also be an activist of Buddhist society or any humanities acts. She's growing now, and I know she will be a great person when the process is completed. Jia you!

Valent, I am sure, will be a good english teacher. She will be married to a good guy, have some cute children, and introduce English deeper to Palembang. OMG, I realize that I miss her a lot! 

Valen, hmm, I foresee (haha, as if I am a fortune teller) that she will move to the capital of Indonesia, create much much much designs of structures and bully me as the civil engineer. Haha. Please, don't bully me. >.<

Renni, she's sooo woman. Maybe she will really get married, build a great family, and give me some nieces and nephews. And the thing I know, I will not discover her marriage through other's blog. Lol.

Vivien, of course, after completing her degree, will be crossing the great Europe, live nomad here and there to find the best place for her. She will do event organizer kind of stuffs. Really, it will be so cool. And as she has settled her life, she will take her parents to share the happiness.

Merryn will get married before any other of us, I think. The record breaker! 

Dya's turn, but I see nothing here. OMG, my ability has declined. I am too sleepy already. Maybe she will be staying in Palembang after graduating, starting her own career, and live happily ever after there. Haha.

Then, for me myself, I hope I can be shining, also. I have some plans but I don't know which one will actually work on me. Can I go to Vancouver or Europe to continue my study? Can I study more about literature, especially Indonesian Literature? Can I have a good job yet be a writer?

All those questions, I don't know the answer, but the thing I know for sure is that I will fight for this friendship until I find myself cold inside a coffin.

Love you very much!

And now, I need to get back to Geotech or I will not get my 'questions' answered. Lol. Fightfightfight!!!

U're the best I've ever had

5 thoughts:

Valen said...

haha.. terharu ak baconyo fen.
mirip dg lisa.
ak baconyo ampe ketawo2 dewe yang pas kito cet bahas pembukaan UUD 1945. haha..
btw, namo dya lum tercantum fen. itu tentang dya kan yang trakir..?
vancouver, mmmm. mau jg..
fight2!!!! mau hidup bareng2 di sano agek??^^

~'FeN'~ said...

iyo len, makasih, udah dibenerin...

sikok2 la kulink jg...
sekalian mempromosikan blog kalian...

ayo2 smangat2...
bole, len... ke vancouver... hihi...^^

Vivienne said...

wow.. fen..
I love your post

mau ngumpul di Vancouver??
kayaknya asyik juga tuh hehehe
berhubung aku jugo blom ado final place to settle down just as you said hehe

lisawen said...

gud post gan!!!
gk kau jadi cenayang pen... ^^

btw ntar qt sewa apartment bareng b di Vancouver... ^^
ckny pada nk k sano galo tu...

~'FeN'~ said...

ngumpul sano e kito...
ayo belajar bahasa perancis!!! (bagi yg blom biso b, vivien diem b, hahaha)

hope we can spread our wings...