Saturday, March 28, 2009

I care, what about you?

A bunch of people stand against Earth Hour. Earth Hour contributes nothing to the earth, they say. One hour electricity saving is only 1/8760 of a year consumption, they emphasize. Mass power on-off will give more burden to the power management system and even waste more energy, they insist.

But, really, I should say, that I definitely don't agree with them. Earth Hour is not a stupid thing to do, it's not only about what we save and what we waste at the same time. It covers a broader, higher, and deeper thought. It's not only a one-hour matter, it's the matter of long term saving.

The real point of Earth Hour is not the one-hour time we spend in the dark, but how we see it thereafter. I think, we are actually supposed to find the real 'chemistry' with our earth, but some people are just too apatist, they never think about humanity. Their brains are too full for humanity to slip in, all inside are just efficiency, efficiency, and efficiency. They even think about how much money and energy were spent to do the campaign. A bit too crazy for me. They cannot see the thing in long term basis, what is the possibility of Earth Hour to be Earth Day or even Earth Week.

Okay, Earth Week seems really impossible, but actually, we should know that Earth Hour is not held just for one hour, but for us to apply everyday. Save the electricity, conserve the water, save the earth.

You still want to live longer, right?

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DELLI said...

yup betul skali nak
bisa dilakukan tiap hari

and what about me?
I really very care about this so much

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Haibara Kaoru Marcella said...

ga heran dirimu jadi key director nya SEE SU ^^