Saturday, March 14, 2009

She still needs more time to live

A girl is suffering in National University Hospital now.

Before you continue reading, please don't respond or think, "Who is she? I don't know her. I don't care!"

Please, please, please, finish reading and watching the video before you give any respond.

The lines below is quoted from and I hope he's ok with his writing stuck in my blog.

Her name is Zhang Xiaoou. She is one of the top Chinese scholars who serve her fellow students and community with love and passion. However, on 4th March, 2009, her life took a fatal turn. She was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia (ALL), a life-threatening disease that will post a staggering SGD 400,000 medical bill to her middle-income family (Xiaoou's mother is unemployed. Her father is a normal worker with average income of SGD 400 per month). Her current insurance can only help her pay SGD 30,000

Xiaoou is one of the most outstanding among the Chinese scholars. She is a smart and diligent senior year student from National University of Singapore with excellent academic results. During her four years of study, she has been placed several times on the Dean's List which is awarded to the top 5% students only. Last year, she won the NUS Student Exchange Award and became an NUS Ambassador to the University of California, United States, and obtained an impressive result (GPA 3.94 out of 4) during her half-a-year stay there. Xiaoou is also an active leader and participant in various school and social activities. She was the Vice Chairperson of NUS Student Union Welfare Committee and volunteered as a teaching assistant for community service project -“GIVE”.

She's scholar, she's one of the excellent international students Singapore has, she is an active student, she's an NUS ambassador, but she's suffering from acute lymphocytic leucemia (ALL). 
And she needs almost impossible amount of money she can afford to get her treatment.

I am sure she still has some, or a lot of, dreams to achieve. I am sure she still wants to go to working life, earn money, and help her parents. I am sure she still eagers to visit more new places. I am sure she still waits for her soulmate to appear. I am sure she still needs more time to live.

She will have graduated from NUS and started her working life two at July 2009, but now, what she can do is just counting the days pass by, watching the sun rises and sets, feeling the pain more and more painful.

She just missed her chance to shine, but she believes that she can shine brighter at another chance. She wants to fight against the illness. She's not giving up!

So, Guys, do you still think that you don't care?

Please visit this site to see everything clearer.

Noone force you to donate, but please, at least, pray for her. Although you don't know her, she's is still a human being, and she has the right to continue living. Can you imagine if you are the one in her position? Or your loved one? I can't.

I am really sure now, life is short.

So, Guys, mind to help?

Tell this to your friends and let's learn to empathyse more on others. I don't mind if you want to copy and paste this post and put it inside your blog. 


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bs tlg link ke PINTU blog? Alamatnya ini... :-)

Makasi ya...

nenny said...

it's spreading in ntu. big influence. ^^

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udah menyebar kah?
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半日大哥 said...

Hi, I'm zhao yuqiao, one the people in charge of the fund-raising for xiaoou.

Now our school and some social society are trying to help us with the donation, so we suspend all methods of donation, including mailing by check and all online transfer, for the time being.

So would you please also delete all the information about how to donate?

thanks and best regards

you can also contact me @ (also msn)