Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Melotragedy Thought

Some important lessons I learned from this 'special' chapter of my life, of all NTU students' lifes:

  • You will never know what will happen the next day or even the next second of your life
I just thought that the first day after a happy reccess week would be a totally boring day, but it was totally wrong. I woke up like usual, felt like skipping all day long to continue sleeping, went to North Spine to meet up with my EID project fellow, and ran to South Spine after the meeting. I even went to Medical Centre to weigh myself before meeting up with Power and Delli. I never knew that at that moment, one was struggling to death and one hour later, the news would start to spread out like crazy. And everything changed totally.

  • People tend to gather to where they think a good gossip are popped up, just like ants gather around spilled milk
This is just too simple to be true. People are just thirsty with gossip. They like something crazy, something amazing, something unusual, or even something tragic. They like all those stuffs just like ants like sugar. I don't know how, but they always find access to those crazy phenomena, even from far-far away planet, they suceed to seek for the access. It looks like they have antenna to detect the pheromone those gossips spill. Oh, Gosh, I am crazy with all the speculations.

  • People like to jump to the conclusion as fast as chewing a gum and start spreading the wrong thing as easy as creating the bubble gum
This fact really discomforts me. Yes, really, people, without thinking further, after checking the spot of gossip, start to create their own scenario. Yeah, I admit, also did the same thing. I was curious, I checked here and there, opened this and that website, and listened to everything to increase my understanding, but I tried so hard not to believe those damn sites so easily and furthermore told everyone about my hypothesis. Maybe it's just because I was happened to be around the circle of the guy, so I knew the condition and I had a rough idea about what had happened inside. People outside knew nothing, but they pretended like they knew every single thing. Gosh, they told people based on their brains' creativity, not the actual fact. Others believed and started to distort the news even more. Oh, so sorry for him.

  • People have a tendency to talk and act before thinking although they are supposed to think before taking any action
This lesson is actually related to the previous lesson, people like to jump to their own conclusion, tell others about the wrong thing, and comment to everything so easily. They talk without thinking before. They knew something had happened, but they didn't know the reasons and motives behind it, but they pretended like they knew everything. And they commented it like they are God. They judged the guy as if they understood what the hell had happened between the guy and the prof. So pity, those people. One even put this news in a forum, the largest Indonesian forum, they say. Okay, it's okay if he wanted to share the information, but, hey, see, he posted his own version! Hello, are you there when it happened, Mister? And now, people read it just commented and judged the guy unfairly.

  • People just happen to overgeneralize everything
This is the fact that I really don't like, overgeneralizing. Just because one guy happened to be inside this conflict, it affected all opinion outside. University life, especially in NTU, is extreme and stressful and able to turn you crazy. Indonesians are not able to bear too much burdens and most likely turn psycho. Final Year Project will stress you very much that cause your brain scattered. I am sure more unfair overgeneralized opinions are still flying happily here and there. Guys, please, don't overgeneralize! All you see is just the surface, please dive deeper before stating anything!

  • Life is short
Yeah, life is just too short to be wasted. In just a gliance, we will face our death. I have said, I am afraid of death. I haven't done anything useful for my life, for people around me, for my parents especially. I don't want to lose my life so fast, and I think so do you. So, Guys, let's live this life to the fullest and act like there will be no tomorrow. Put your best to everything you do!

My deepest condolance.

U're the best I've ever had

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