Saturday, March 28, 2009

o.O A piece of morning diary

The bad news:
My schedule is so tight! I can't breathe!
  • HW 210 oral presentation
  • MB 102 quiz
  • CV 2302 quiz
  • CV 2102 quiz
  • Yearbook meeting
  • NTU SU SEE meeting
  • NTU SU Writing Competition Closing Ceremony
And all of them are squeezed in one week. So sorry for my blog readers (OMG, I am overconfident, huh?), I can't update my blog with something informative and interesting enough. I am too tired to type and elaborate, and I think I have no time, although I have a bunch of things to share.

But, but, but, every cloud has a silver lining, they say. ^^
Instead of bad news, I have one good news:
I didn't suffer from my insomnia these few days. I could sleep easily, my sleep was sound, and I woke up feeling like 'new'. Yeah, I hope the stupid insomnia has lost its interest to me. Never come back, Honey!

Saturday morning, I just practiced my oral presentation several times with my powerpoint slides. But, I felt like very lousy. My tongue kept slipping and I always forgot what I should say. Geez, I wonder, why did my oral capability decline so much? I am playing too much with passive communication and I cannot speak up well now. So sad.

Four quizzes to go and we will 'happily' welcome the final exam! Since exam means the start of holiday, we should feel happy, right?

I remember a story I read somewhere about how a happiness was seen. Some never felt satisfied and of course, never felt happy. But the other, not much actually, would be greatly satisfied with only a small thing and they reached their happiness easily. So, it's all our choice, to which group we belong?

I admit, I've usually been the one who hardly satisfied. I like to grumble a lot. I have to change. Be a happier person.

I will try to see the star as big fireball that keeps burning and radiating energy, not as a tiny dot far-far away. My happiness is the star, a big fireball, not a tiny dot.
Ganbatte, Fen!

Happy exam!

U're the best I've ever had

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