Thursday, November 24, 2011


Life is short indeed. Just in glance, without my realization, my granny has left me and her whole family. She was sick for 6 years and now she has been released from her suffering.

I am happy for her, really.

In her age of 86, she became so so so thin until I kept crying when I saw her inside the coffin. But, her face was peaceful and she was really beautiful. She's my granny, no matter what.

I still can remember how she usually told her grandchildren to quickly bathe and go for lessons, how she always asked her grandchildren whether we had eaten our lunch, and how she kept watching telenovela without understanding any single thing inside.

I still can remember how she fell sick six years ago, how she became so forgetful about people around her but still cared about her eldest son, how she became less and less responsive to everybody.

One time, during my first semester break, I went to visit her. I can still remember she told me that she was so sorry not to be able to fly to Singapore and look after me and my cousin. She said she wanted to cook for us, but she couldn't walk anymore. She shed in tears, I remember, and I was so sad that time.

Maybe I was not the one she cared the most, but I bet that I was the only grandchild that talked the most to her during those six years. I kept talking to her although she never responded. I kept talking and asking her things until she gave me answers and response. I taught her to make 'victory' sign with her fingers and took a photo of her. I painted her nails. I combed her white hair. I loved her, and I still love her.

Good bye, Popo. I am sure you are now in a safer, more beautiful, and more peaceful place. You don't have to care about this world anymore, you are happy there.

I love you.

U're the best I've ever had

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