Sunday, February 05, 2012


Special days come and go year by year. Birthday, anniversary, christmas, chinese new year, whatever.

I am a person who is always admiring special days and I love to see love blooming once more during these days: family become more bonded and appreciate the togetherness, couple give surprises and gifts to each other, friends start to arrange gathering and share experiences. So many things can happen during the days, and I keep admiring it.

People say, "You don't need to wait for valentine or birthday to show love," and I totally agree. But, if your loved one cannot show love to you during those days, how you can expect him/her to love you more for the ordinary days.

I love to put effort and see the glowing faces of people that I love during their birthdays and other special days. And deep inside, I long for the same thing as well, although none bothers.

Maybe I am to perfectionist, maybe I just want thing to be done my way, maybe I am just being unreasonable.

My 22 is coming soon. I have stopped expecting.

I just need love, not any bling or candles.

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