Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stressful Country

Is Singapore a stressful country?
And I guess the answer is a BIG YES!

This morning, for the 3rd time, I saw people talking alone in the train.

The first one was inside the EWL train, this old man talked in dialects alone, but he acted as if there's someone besides him. He talked over and over to this 'imaginary friend' and sometimes he stopped to listen to what his 'friend' was talking to him. At first I thought he was calling someone but I saw his two hands were too free to gesture. And I was scared.

The second one was inside the same train at different time. A lady, maybe in late 20 or early 30, was singing alone with full expression and a bit dancing. This one was not that obvious, actually, but she stood in front of me. That's why I could notice every single thing she was doing that time. I thought she was going to an audition or something since her dress was quite catchy, but who knows?

And the third one was again inside EWL train. I didn't realize it before I saw a lady besides me looked at the right direction. This man was talking very loud to be heard clearly by the whole compartment as if he was giving some kind of orations or sermons. He gestured, he tried to make eye contact, he walked around, he sighed. I was too curious not to look at him, but my bad luck, he caught my eyesight and smiled to me. I just turned my face away and pretended not to see.

After alighting at Lavender, I was thinking of the motive behind those behaviours. Were they upset? Did they fail on to something they dreamt the most? Weren't their relatives and friends around to care for them? Were they too perfectionist?

I guess Singapore is just a little dot with too high pressure. The load imposed to this place is too big compared to the area resulting in a high pressure.

U're the best I've ever had

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suhu said...

or maybe, u had too much pressure and seeing things. I mean, u imagined those people in EWL trains.

07_TeddyF_Silvey0 said...


~'FeN'~ said...

@suhu: aaaaa, no no noooo... other ppl also saw them X(
I am totally normal, Suhuuuuuu...

@Teddy: i cant understand actually

Anonymous said...

absolutely agree ^^

suhu said...

other people ALSO IMAGINING them. hahahahaha ... so next time don't work so hard la, FYP oso slack a bit la, den your life confirm is happier.