Tuesday, August 03, 2010


Now my tears are flowing down like a river. I can't block the sad feeling of letting my brother go out of this town for his future. Just several hours ago I sent him off to the airport. My mom accompanied him for a few days before heading back to Palembang.

And really, this house feels very different without him and my mom along. This house is so lonely that I'm gonna die. It's so quiet, so quiet.

Without my realization, my little brother has become a young man. I still can remember how we usually fought during our childhood: I ate the piece of cake that he wanted, he sat on the front seat in the car that I wanted, he grabbed my stuffs, etc, etc. I also still can remember how he used to cry over a very unimportant things, how he used to leave his school bag behind when he went to school, how he held the pencil for the first time, and how bad his teeth were.

It's just like a glance but actually it's almost twenty years.

He's going to university now. I am glad, really glad, for him but I am sure I will miss his presence in this house. And perhaps, this house will miss him, too.

For the remaining one month of my holiday, I will miss my one and only brother. I will have no one to sing along together in the car, I will lose my mate to go to the gym, I will have no one to compete using the bathroom first, I will have no one to message me during vihara time, I will have no one asking my mom to buy so many foods to stock at home, I will lose the one who picked me up when I was playing around with my friends, I will miss him for sure.

We share the past, but you and I will walk on the path of our future alone. I wish you a huge good luck. See you next month when you visit Singapore.

I love you to the infinity!!!

U're the best I've ever had