Saturday, November 06, 2010


The first time I jogged in the afternoon. SRC looked more vibrant. People enjoyed their weekend in their own good ways: some were playing basketball, some just jogged like me, some ran soooo fast, some played badminton, and some just walked around to enjoy the twilight.

And today I ran around the soccer field 9 times. Yeah, it's sure an improvement. I thought maybe I looked at people doing the same things, I was motivated to do so. :)

I realized, Laurel is the best of the best buddy. She always want to be my company wherever and whenever I go. She never refuses and she never complains. I love her!!!

Oh yeah, I saw so many children today. Some of them just played around, ran and screamed and laughed. And some were playing kites. Yeah, their kites were fabulous: big and colorful. And I thought, I wanted to learn how to fly the kite and I would teach my kids later. I didn't want them to grow up trapped in the house just laying on the couch and playing their iphones.

I love running. I love running. I love running.
Get spirited for a new day tomorrow. :)

U're the best I've ever had

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