Sunday, March 06, 2011

My Future

Sometimes in the future, maybe when I have reached all my targets in engineering field, I would like to make money from what I enjoyed doing. And it's simply organizing an event.

Yeah, I want to set up an event organizer company.

Maybe it's just a dream now, but I hope it's feasible in the future. I know I don't have any background in this field. Organizing some university-level events doesn't ensure that I know everything about event organizing. But, i just simply ENJOY it when I'm doing it.

I'm dreaming of being an event organizer. The client will tell me the event type and objectives and I'll start working out from the scratch: creating a theme, creating a program flow, setting up the decoration, designing the posters, banners, and everything, as well as creating some necessary props. I know I have no skills in doing those things, but I'm sure my brain can imagine it. So later, I will have some capable subordinates to do things for me. Yeay.

I really hope that my dream will come true, since there will be a time when I want to spend more time on my family instead of being clogged up inside the office cubicle. Being an EO, my time will be more flexible. I love the idea.

And I will take care of this dream until it blooms beautiful flowers.
I love dreaming, and I love taking care of my dream.

U're the best I've ever had

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r_lan said...

then what's the point of being a Civil Engineer? :D