Friday, September 02, 2011


The feeling I feel is really pleasing me. I am still a fresh graduate, I am still a little girl, but at least people around me are thinking of some ways to guide and let me grow.

I want some responsibilities, I want some roles, I want some contributions, and I want to feel the satisfaction of my achievements. I just don't want to be a big potato sack that earns money for nothing.

I am still very amazed of how God loves me. He sends me so many good souls to lay my path towards a bright future.

I know it's a bit late, but I really want to use this teacher's day as an excuse to write some words for my 'teachers'.

Of course, my first teacher ever are my parents. They have taught me so many things. Even million thanks are not enough to express my gratitude to them. They have worked so hard to lay my path. I will not have my today if not because of their lessons to me. So, really, thank you.

And then, all my school teachers, from kindergarten till university, were all sent by God to help shaping myself. I wont be a bachelor today if they were not on the way. So, again, thank you.

Another thank you I want to arrow to all my friends, especially Lisa, Valen, Renni, Dya, Jesi, Merryn, Savitri, and Vivien. They have taught me that your real friends will always there for you whenever. Although we are not staying together, although we meet very rarely, although we are not spending time together, we are there inside each other's hearts. So, thanks, Friends.

And not forgetting, all the boys that have filled in my life have taught me to be stronger and stronger. And the biggest thanks is of course for my boyfriend who has taught me how to love and to be loved. Thank you, so much thank you.

Not forgetting my fruitful Industrial Attachment experience, I really thank my seniors in AECOM Singapore: Stephen, Shwu Jiuan, C'hng Yih, John, Chandran, Reddy, and other ex-colleagues that can't be mentioned one by one. I learn a lot from them and I really feel grateful for the chance to be one of them, even only for 22 weeks.

Lastly, thanks for my colleagues now in LTA, especially Rosalind. She's like a big sister to me. She teaches me so many things which I cannot learn from anyone else here. And of course, my PM Mr. Ng, he's so nice until I feel like melting. And all the 923 team, I am really grateful. I will work hard to show my thanks. Also, thanks to my new friends in LTA.

Thanks to all my teachers.
You are all God's messengers!!!

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