Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today will never be to late

Remember the struck, remember the sparks
To relive it, to bring it back from the past

I miss that moment, that particular moment
In an instance, both of us were sure what love meant

Today is the future of the past, today is the past of the future
Today is the day to make everything right
Today is for us to go back to the start line
Today will never be too late

Being together with someone for so long indeed makes us complacent and taking things for granted. We end up transforming the love and passion into daily routine and some sort of obligation. The feeling we have is still the same, but what we pursue to express the love is different. We assume the other party already understand the feeling and no more proof shall be shown. We are human, we are indeed human. We tend to jump to the conclusion ourselves.

Today will never be too late to say I love you to your loved one and show him/her that you care. Today will never be too late.

And tomorrow, tell yourself again, today will never be too late.

Yes, never. Today will never be too late.

U're the best I've ever had

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