Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The Schedule :)

It's exactly one week before I finish off my last exam of my last semester. Yes, exactly one week and I will be free for two weeks before having my FYP oral presentation. After that, there will be a series of activities that I've planned. I can't wait, of course I can't.

I will be going back to my hometown, Palembang, on 12th May 2011. It was a regret that I missed the sale fare of the tickets. As a result, I chose to fly to Jakarta before flying back to Palembang. It will be a long and boring journey, for sure. But, the final destination should keep me awake, I guess.

Then, I will be coming back to this little red dot on 21th May 2011. I hope Renni will come with me. She said she wanted a holiday before starting her training as future university teacher. :)

Either 23rd or 24th May 2011, there will be the first CEE Programme Advisory Committee Meeting. I am the representative from Civil Engineering, and I really can't wait to meet those professors and people in the industry. I hope I will not create a shame to the School of CEE. :D

And of course, 24th May 2011 is my big day: presentation. My hard work for year long will be presented in 15 minute powerpoint slide shows. I really hope that I make use the 15 minutes well. I want to get both As from my supervisor and my moderator. Prof. Anthony Goh and Dr. Budi, if you read this, can you grant my wish?

In the afternoon of 24th May 2011, my IndoCEE mates and I will have a phototaking session to mark the end of our university time. We hope that we will be getting back the sweet memories when we are looking at those photos in the future. Or maybe, we can show them to our children, as well.

Either in the evening of 24th or 25th May, I will have a gathering with my fellow PalzzzNTU friends. We have been here for four years, so we would like to say proper good bye to this second home of us. I feel rather distant with them now, and I'm kinda missing the togetherness that we used to have years back. I hope I can feel it again although it's just for one night.

Without further a do, I will move out from the hall as soon as I finish my farewell with NTU. I will be moving out to Block 236 Serangoon Avenue 3 on 25th or 26th May 2011. A complete good bye to Hall of Residence 6. Thank you for sheltering me for the full 4 years of my undergraduate life.

And 27th May 2011 will be very exciting as well. The CEE Graduation Dinner and Dance 2011 in Marina Mandarin Hotel. Yeah, I am so excited. I hope the event will turn out to satisfy everybody since we have worked so hard to make it happen. I'm praying.

Right after the event, we will have the Thank You Lunch on 28th May 2011 for the committee members and the helpers of CEE DnD. We plan to have a good buffet. Nyummmm.

The schedule hasn't finished yet. I will attend PINTU Prom Night in the evening of 28th May 2011, to say farewell to my Indonesian friends. Yes, we have been in NTU for 4 years and I am grateful to meet all of them.

The next day, a.k.a 29th May 2011, I will show my new room to my family. Yes, they are coming over. Yuhuuu, I am happy. And maybe we will have some strolling here and there in Singapore before heading to Bangkok.

Bangkok? Yes. Bangkok. We have planned to have a holiday in Thailand for 6 days, starting from 30th May 2011. We will go to Pattaya, Bangkok, and Phuket. I hope that this one will be a fun holiday for all of us. I still hope that bf can join us. I am praying, praying, praying. Day and night.

We will be coming back to Singapore at the midnight of 4th June 2011. We will be having some leisure in Singapore for one more day before getting back tor our own business.

My family will head back to Jakarta on 6th June 2011 and I will start my first job on the same day. Yeah, I will be entering a completely different world that day. So, a number of activities to do before working is a good choice, I think. :)

I am a busy busy person.

Now let's get back to the study.
Happy Exam!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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