Friday, April 06, 2012


So many days and nights have passed, so many breathes have I taken, so many thought have I gone through. To my surprise, the pain is now subside, seeping into the deepest tissue of my heart, my bone, my flesh, my artery. I barely felt heart-broken to what she said, nowadays. Instead, I accept that that was a part of her flaw. I accept that she might hurt people when she feels hurt.

But, I am also a human. I am not perfect. Forgiveness has yet to bloom from my heart. I can accept her anger and sharp words does not mean that I can forgive her for hurting me and my men. I shall wait, yes, I shall wait for the forgiveness. I will forgive someday, but not forget.

She may think that I am so arrogant for showing her my black face and unhappiness although I have been working for nearly one year. She may think that I can only take compliment, but cannot accept any negative comments. I don't care. I will just do what I am supposed to do and overcome this problem.

I can take as many negative comments as you give to me, as long as you tell me in a good manner. By saying "You are redundant! You are sleeping on your job! You are not moving! You are burden to your colleagues! You must be spoon-fed! You are bla bla bla," you do insult people, not comment at them. I suggest you to reflect upon yourself first. There must be some reasons why I avoid talking to you nowadays: to refrain myself from being hurt over and over.

I think I have enough insult already. None ever say I am redundant, you are the one and only. How dare you.

U're the best I've ever had

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