Friday, April 06, 2012


In the middle of tense discussion,
OB: *bringing a tray of cups* Kopi, Sir?
Everyone: *staring at him unbelievably*

When he sent me to the airport,
OB: My wife hen many many...
Me: *thinking about 'hand' instead of 'hen'* Huh?
OB: Chicken, chicken...
Me: *bursting into laugh*
I was thinking that his wife had a lot of hands!!!!

I called him because there was a bee in my room,
Me: Hey, there's a bee!
OB: Bee? What?
Me: *googling a bee straightaway* This is bee...
OB: Ohhh, I know. My country have.
Me: Every country also have lah!
OB: I know this one honey, good!
Me: *looking at him* The honey is good, but not the bee!!!!!
Until now, the bee is still wandering happily and we could not catch it.

U're the best I've ever had

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