Monday, September 17, 2012


I have three friends that are closest to me right now. Thanks a lot to smart phones and Whats App that bring us together. There are no days without chatting with them and they are one of the reasons for me to survive. We can talk about anything, from the works, friends, habits, life difficulties, achievement, high school memories, new crush, and any other thing. We usually give advice to each other, show the third-party perspective, and help each other in making decision.

One time, I so hated this person and we got this person a nickname: boss sok besar. The other time, my friend was telling a bit of her interest towards this guy, and this guy suddenly had a code name: Agak-Agak. There were still so many funny names we created. I did not think people will understand what we talked about if they scrolled up the pages and read everything. :D

We can talk about anything, but what we talk about is mostly about work. I am working in a big company with complicated hierarchical system and politics. My two other friends are working in a small enterprise with  stingy boss and crazy working hours. There is one more who just quit from her job and is going to enter a very well-known company in Indonesia. We had different working background, we had different offices, we had different bosses, we had different system and working hours, but we shared the same story: unhappiness about work.

Monday will be the most unhappy day, Friday will be the most cheerful day, Saturday and Sunday will be very quiet because we are all busy with our own thing.

It's a funny relationship that we have. I love them all. Thanks for filling my life, Jesi, Valen, and Wewe! Yeeehaaaa~~~

U're the best I've ever had

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