Saturday, September 15, 2012


Night is still so young. I am wondering whether this is my call to be here. Everything seems so smooth here: waking up at 6:30, getting out of the house at 7:30, reaching the office at 8:30, having lunch at 12:00, attending daily meeting at 17:00, knocking off from office at 18:00, going to the gym afterwards, having dinner, and reaching back home at 21:00. Everything is so smooth yet BOOOOORING.

Deep in my heart, I want something new, I want something challenging. But, the guts I have are not that big for me to step out of this comfort zone. To say I am comfortable with my life now is wrong, but it is still my comfort zone. My feet have already recognized the path, my brain have already been so familiar with the routines.

I am thinking of so many things. I want to study. I want to change job. I want to quit and be my own boss. I want to take a long holiday. I want to learn cooking. I want to change my identity and start a brand new life. Ooops.

I feel like standing in front of so many rooms in a circular room. I don't know what is behind, yet I shall choose one room only and once I enter the room, I will not have a chance to turn back. My choice may be right or wrong. I may lose what I have now, I may gain another thing.

I am confused.





asking for Doraemon's help


U're the best I've ever had

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