Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Dream Dream

Dream is one thing we need to keep on living. Without dream, the life is just like an empty pot. When you fill the pot with veggies, meats, oats, or anything, you are holding your dream.

I am sure each of us has our own dreams. Some may dream of something simple and the rest may have a very high and complicated dream. Perhaps some need a big effort and some just need to wait for the dream to come true.

So, what on earth do actually lead me to write about dream?
Yesterday, I just watched Spongebob Squarepants: The Lost Episode, and the story was about Spongebob who had a dream of flying with Jellyfish. No one believed in his dream, they teased him, but at the end, he could show the world that he could fly with the jellyfish.

I tried to find the video of this episode in Youtube, but all I could found didn't satisfy me. So sorry, I could not provide you the video.

If you want to fly, all you need is friendship.
That's what Spongebob said at the end of the episode and I liked it very much. For me, the words were to show us that every dream might come true in a certain way.  And I believe, my dream may also come true.

I have a bunch of dreams since I was a little girl. I dreamt of being pretty, being rich, being famous, being everything. I was so greedy, huh? Lol.

When I was in primary school, I had some dreams. I dreamt of being an astronaut when I learned about Amstrong's golden step on the moon. I dreamt of being a fashion designer since I just loved it. I also had a dream of being an architect, as what I wrote in the year book.

The dreams I had back then were only dreams. I had nothing besides imagination, and it was nearly impossible to work on it. One I remembered the most was my dream to meet the most powerful person In Indonesia, the president. I forget what's the reason behind the crazy dream, but the only thing I know is the fact that deep inside my heart, I still try to find the spark of the old dream. 

I still sooooooo many things to dream. I want to finish my school with a satisfaction, I want to be a good civil engineer, I want to be a writer, I want to be a journalist, I want to continue my school in Europe, I want to move into Vancouver, I want to bring my parents on a tour to Europe, I want to round the world, I want to find my soulmate under the stars, I want to marry a good guy in a stargazing wedding ceremony (in a planetarium maybe =P), I want to have a cozy home, I want to get a happy family, I want some cute children, I want to live happily ever after.

But now, the most important dream, desire, or anything you call it, for me is to make my parents proud of me.
I want to see their wonderful smiles accompanying me throughout my entire life.

Happy dreaming!
Dare to dream!

U're the best I've ever had

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