Saturday, November 14, 2009

Exam period is happy time!!!

Exam is right in front of NTU students now!!!

Yeah, at this kind of time, you will hardly find even a single seat inside the libraries, inside bunches of study rooms along campus or hostel area, inside old Canteen A, or even along benches at North or South Spine. But, you will easily (or very easily) find your friends with lecture notes, textbooks, and stressful face around the school. LOL. All NTU students appear from everywhere and gather at each feasible study spot to review and revise what they have (or haven't) studied during this term.

The period of mid-November until early December is the WAR TIME for all of us. We woke up early to study, we chew our meal faster to study, we shower much faster to study, we avoid internet to study, we isolate ourselves to study, and we sleep late to study. We do a lot of thing for the sake of studying.

Maybe it's not the right thing to do, but it's the trend. Study more and more during exam period and forget all about them after you step out from the exam hall.

Exam is not a very reliable tool to assess students' capability, but there is no choice.
So, Guys, let's make the exam period a beautiful time for us to learn (!= study) what have been taught to us.

Don't study because of the exam, but fight against the exam because you have studied. Everything will be different depends on the perspective on how you look into it.

For all my beloved PalzzzNTU friends, all the best for the exams. Never give up, never stop trying, because there is no doubt that we can pass through all of this and shine together.

But, please, don't do this inside the exam hall.

Also, never never never do this kind of thing.

Or this thing.

Happy exam!!!
We should be happy because it's exam!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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