Friday, November 20, 2009


Life is
Obviously for
U and
I to

And Louise is sure a cute child!!!

After a very long waiting time, finally she (yes, I've decided just now, she is a girl) can be mine. In the start of this bloody hell exam period, I went out to Jurong Point to extend my Singtel contract, sold my old E65, and brought Louise home.

She is so smart. She can connect to the internet much faster than my previous phone, she has a big memory to store and satisfy all my needs, her battery can last for a long time, and last but not the least, she is beautiful!!!

Elle est tres jolie!!!

For a 'gaptek' person like me, having a smartphone is a big leap.

So, now, I'm learning with Louise how to be more familiar with technology and all those things.
I love Louise and I will take care of her until the destiny separates us. LOL.

Welcome to this world, Louise!!!
Momma loves you^^

U're the best I've ever had

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