Saturday, November 21, 2009


Random 1

Ketika aku di sini, butuh, butuh, dan butuh dirimu
Ke mana kamu?

Random 2

I am a zombie now! I wake up, I study, I have my lunch with my bf, I go back room to study, I study until I'm tired, I take a bath, I bite something as my dinner, I continue studying, I study until I listen to my roomate's hair dryer sound, then finally, I go to sleep. Yes, that's what I do every day. I am tired, but I still have six papers to fight against. *Sigh*

Random 3

I want to be a boy!!! Don't ask, it suddenly popped up into my mind when I listened to 'If I were a Boy' this morning.

Random 4

Last night, I dreamt about one of my besties, Valent. In my dream, she came to my house and we reunited. She told me that she was facing a problem with her sister. And this morning, I messaged her to check for her condition. Somehow I felt a bit worried, that's why I contacted her. And guess, actually, she is sick now. So, do you believe in that?

Random 5

What a shame! November will end in a glance and this is only my 6th post. Sigh, without my realization, I abandoned this blog. Forgive me, forgive me.

Random 6

My mom just called me. And hey, she really knows when I am not really studying!!! And after a long chit chat with her, I gradually regained my mood. Haha. I love my mom very much and I miss my home. I really want to hug her right here.

Random 7

Homesick is for people far from home
Lovesick is for people far from love
Lifesick is for people far from life

That's what I am

Random 8

I am planning to read Detective Conan. Should I read it or get back to my PYP?

Possibility 1: Read Conan and forget about PYP
Possibility 2: Read Conan and do PYP simultaneously
Possibility 3: Close the window of onemanga and struggle with the PYP

Random 9

I want to head back to the time when we still respected each other, when we were still guessing about one and another thing. I want to travel back to the time when we still haven't had each other's heart, but we were so eager to do so. I want to feel those sparks and feel your warmth, again.

Remember the chatlogs
Remember the walls
Remember the SMSes
Remember the phone calls
Remember the smiles
Remember the laughters
Remember you

Random 10

My favorite song!!!
Kamu nyangkut di hatiku!!!

Random 11

Cannot wait until the time for me to go back home.
Let me go home, let me go home~~~

U're the best I've ever had

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