Friday, November 20, 2009

Random girl

#1 If only

Since this morning, this thought passed into my mind. Yeah, I thought about what my life here would be if Lenn didn't quit from A'level tuition, joined the entrance test of NTU, and entered this university with me. Maybe we would be roomate, and we would share our life together. We would have lunch and dinner together, we would go hanging out together, we would mug in the library or anywhere else together, we would giggle on cute boys together, and maybe, we would find love together.

Whoaaah, it would be too nice if it really happened. But, then, I realized, it was just a dream. She is destined to live her life on the mountain and me, in this tiny little spot.

#2 First exam

Yeah, I have gone through my first paper for this semester yesterday and hell, it was damn crazy!!! I have lost soooo many points.

Enough, I don't want to talk about it again although the questions keep popping on my mind.

#3 Social networking site

Really, I should thank the creators of those social networking site for reuniting me with the rest of the world and for bridging my thought with them. Every single time I need to grumble, I just need to type on my keyboard and I will feel more secure. Although I am alone in this tiny room, I know out there, there are people who really care for me.

Thanks Plurkers!!! Thank you a million!!!

#4 Sleepy

I feel sooooo sleepy since about two hours ago, but I didn't go to sleep just because I didn't want her to wake me up and drive me mad with her hair dryer sound. I can't do nothing except act 'nerimo' and push back my ego.

I hope I can 'tahan' for six more month and after that, I will be free from her, although my ears may be a bit deaf. LOL.

#5 Pancake

Suddenly, while writing #4, I think about pancake. I want to eat pancake. Hahaha.

#6 Homesick

And since I have written about pancake, I think about other foods. I want pisang goreng, kolak pisang, sop buntut goreng, kacang hijau, es campur, mangga, jajanan pasar, and of course, gado-gado.

Huff, three more weeks to go. I miss home more than I miss anything.

#7 Close

Let's close this page now and go to bed. Yes, it hasn't been 12 but I need rest. My brain is saturated. See my writing? This is the proof: so unorganized and acakadut. Haha. Forgive me for this randomness, I am so random right now.

Bonne nuit.

U're the best I've ever had

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