Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Random is Me

#1 Birthday

Talking about birthday, someone asked me what I had for my 21st birthday. It took me some time to gather back the memory and I realized I didn't have any celebration for my 21st, which people said as the turning point from a teenage to an adult. I felt the sadness, yes. I felt no one cared about me, yes. But, I have let go my 21st, and maybe my 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. I must be contented, at least God gives me the blessings I need. Birthday celebration is just a yearly bonus, so if I don't get it, let it be!

#2 Marriage

My friend told me that the price of the wedding ring should be two to three times the guy's salary. When I heard about that, I was like, "Huh? What the hell?". I'd rather get a super grand wedding banquet instead of getting a ring that deppreciates throughout the time. I still stick to my original plan: to get a cruise wedding! The ring may be just ordinary, but the party should be a real huge party until everyone's jaw drops to the bottom of the sea. I want my wedding to be remembered by any one of my guests, not only me and my future husband. So I will book a cruise for 2 days 1 night and hold a all-night-and-day-long party!!!

#3 Job

Having a job doesn't mean you are doing your work. Being inside the working world for almost 5 months, I have been witnessing with my own eyes that some people are just collecting their salary without doing anything and the rest who do all the shit jobs for them get less pay slip. Life is really unfair. And some bosses don't really pay attention to their staffs and in the end, they push the wrong people up and leave the one who deserves promotion and pay increment at the lower end. Life is unfair.

#4 People

Inside the construction site, I get a chance to see those less privileged people that need to work day and night to bring back some amount of money back home, and I really feel that I am blessed. I know I need to squeeze my brain juice out to earn money, but they squeeze their tears, sweats, and bloods to earn the living. And inside my new office, I met a nice Bangladesh cleaner. He is so polite and hardworking. He always greets me every morning, and he even waved to me when I went off yesterday. I hope he can bring back a good money for his family back there.

#5 Laughter

Today the atmosphere inside the office was pretty tense, but a few funny things happened and still tickled my brain until now. My SPE said she would be very willing to promote me if I could show the courage to kick this particular manager, as I had said before. I was laughing so hard and I still did when I thought about that. And the funniest thing was the nickname we established for a contractor guy: SOTONG!!! I can't stop laughing when I think about it.

#6 Life

I don't know whether I am living a right life right now. My days are totally for works, from 8.30 to beyond 6.00pm and when I get back home, I will continue what I have been doing in the office. I always bring the leftover back. Actually I enjoy working at home a lot, but today when I think back, it seems that something is not right. I missed a lot of chances to update my blog, my facebook status, or even chat with my friends. I want my life back. But I think this is my life?

#7 Quote

The whole day, this sentence keep popping inside my mind: They say friends come and go, but once you decide to come into my life, I will never let you go. I love my besties, and I miss them!

U're the best I've ever had

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Anonymous said...

You are deadly wrong if you think that life is fair to everyone. I think you pressurized yourself too much because of the achievements and potentials that you have. Just take few steps back and enjoy your life a little more. Extra money would not give you extra happiness. A true happiness can only be founded within yourself. After all, life is too short to be anything but happy. Hope this helps :)