Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Up and Down

Life is sometimes taking you up there, at the peak of everything. You are so energetic, you are eager for every new day, you are just so happy for your life. Everything seems perfect. But sometimes, you are at the bottom, or even buried under every single shit. You are damned for every single thing, you are sick of your life, you are bored, you just feel miserable.

I believe that we will keep moving and moving and moving. None can be rest assured to be at the top of the world forever and ever, and nobody is so unlucky to be pressurized for his whole life. I believe that we need to feel the misery to enjoy the happiness to the fullest.

Yes, this is life. Keep rotating like a giant wheel. Keep flipping like a coin. Keep beating like a heart.

I am now at the latter stage, whereby everything just seems not right: your social circle, your activities, your time, your job, and even yourself. I need something to distract me, to bring me away from this boredom that will turn into craziness in no time. I just need some high pitched sound to keep me awake in this silent night.

When life seems so wrong, I should make it right. But how?

U're the best I've ever had

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