Tuesday, December 14, 2010

11.51 PM

One week before my second last exam in my second last semester.

- sleepy (yuppp)
- excited (to welcome holiday)
- festive (as Christmas is approaching)

In mind:
- Sleep
- Studying schedule for next few days
- Mom and home
- Bf and his port tour tomorrow

Has done:
- Setting aside all Steel lecture notes
- Cleaning and tidying up my room
- Doing my laundry
- Registering Stephen as my referee and providing him all necessary informations
- Applying for the post of Project Engineer in LTA

Happy for:
- Having bf to support me

Sad for:
- Being too far away from home
- Missing the chance to get a lifetime membership from Sour Sally

To do list:
- Study Structure III
- Study Excavation and Retaining Wall
- Go to Orchard
- Buy chocolates that mom asked me to buy
Okay, stop, it's too long term

So, STUDY!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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