Wednesday, January 12, 2011


12th January 2011. Am I too late for a resolution?
I hope not.

12 days have passed since the torch-passing from 2010 to 2011. On the New Year's Eve, I was planning to treat the night as other 364 nights: sleep soundly and wake up on another year. But, I ended up crying all night. This so called family-related long winded problem has become so frustrating that my heart ached so much every single time I thought about it. I started 2011 with tears rolling down my face, but I will sure end this year with a big satisfied smile so that people cannot laugh at me or my parents anymore. You see it later, Bastard!

And these 12 days, I've gone through a baking session and a lunch with my besties: Lisa, Valen, Renni, and Dya; I've tried to mend the problem that was eating my family's and my energy; I've been through a row with bf; I've attended my first interview; and I've decided to be a successful lady that can make everyone's jaw to drop looking at me.

I will be getting my examination results in 6-day time, so my first wish for 2011 is getting a satisfying results so the GPA can help to improve my previous CGPA.

And of course, I want to work harder to make sure that I get a good future, either by continuing my study or starting a career in Singapore. I will pray and pray harder so that God will show me the right path. I put my best effort to my future, because I want my parents to be proud of me and I want people to stop underestimate, tease, and talk bad about them. I will have another interview in about one month time, so I hope for a smooth and good way to pass this one. And of course, if God permits, there will be some other future interview sessions. Amen.

Another resolution that I want to achieve is having a good relationship with bf. I want less row, less anger, less tears, and of course, more love, more laughter, more understanding. I am sure we can achieve it, we just need to be more mature. I am trying and I hope bf is trying right there, too.

One thing to note, I want to get rid of excess 2 kg I gained during my short holiday. I want to exercise regularly and get back to my diet plan. I want to run and swim more this semester since I have less classes and this is my last semester as an undergraduate, by the way. So, wish my spirit burns quite huge throughout the semester.

Some other things I want to achieve:
1. More maturity in dealing with every problems; meaning less tears, less tantrum, more wisdom.
2. Less selfishness. I should learn that not every single time I need to be special or treated specially. I am only human, just like others.
3. Less prejudice. I, somehow, think a bit too much.
4. More open; to either old or new friends, I'm entering new clusters in no time.

U're the best I've ever had

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