Thursday, January 27, 2011

They Love You

That's your boat, your boat you are steering
That's your car, your car you are driving
That's your life, your life you are living

None is gonna control to turn or not to turn
None is gonna shout to you to stop or to move on
None, yeah, none is gonna overpower you on your life

They are just caring, they are just loving you
They love you, they love you

They just try to find some ways to make you realized

You are loved
You are not supposed to fail
You are going to shine

It's all about you
Not me, not them, not her, neither him
It's all about you

And they love you
They don't want to see any regret on your face
They don't want to watch any tears rolling down from your eyes
They don't want to witness you falling
They love you
So much
Or too much

But sometimes you are too proud of yourself
You take everything as an insult
But sometimes you are too stubborn to listen
You take everything as an underestimation

But I should remind you
They love you
That's why they are being so annoying to you
That's why they keep repeating the same thing to you

But if you want to walk alone
They shall grant it to you
Because when they decide to fall silent
None will bother anymore

U're the best I've ever had

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