Sunday, January 16, 2011


I've been thinking, there are so few places I have ever visited. I am nearly 21 and my eyes are still seeing so little of this world. Not even 1% of it.

Since I was in primary school, I decided that my biggest dream is to round the world. I wanted to visit every corner of this big big world. It's my dream, and I will work hard to make it come true.

Places I have gone in Indonesia:
- Lampung
- Jambi
- Medan
- Jakarta
- Bandung
- Jogjakarta
- Semarang
- Malang
- Bali
- Lombok

Places I have visited overseas:
- Singapore
- Kuala Lumpur
- Johor Bahru
- Hongkong
- Macau
- Shenzhen

It's so few, even too few for someone willing to complete every bits and pieces of the jigzaw puzzle of this world. So, I have set my mind, starting this year, I will travel over and over. And I want to visit Europe, before I get married. The least is going to Europe for my honeymoon, later. :P

For this year, I have been thinking some getaways. First is Vietnam trip with my fellow IndoCEE to celebrate our graduation on June. I am kinda sad to know that they seem a bit reluctant now. I am willing to continue with my plan whether they are coming or not. My family will happily accept this plan I think.

I also want to go to either Thailand or South Korea. I hope I can go at the end of 2011.

And next year, I would like to go to Thailand or South Korea, whichever I haven't visited at the end of 2011. I also wish to go to Beijing for 2012.

The next places to go may be some other places in China, Aussie, Manado (Bunaken), Papua, Egypt, etc etc.
And of course, again, EUROPE!!!

I will work hard and save hard. I wish I could bring my parents to Europe with my own money.

U're the best I've ever had

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