Monday, January 24, 2011

Last Semester

Title: First Day of School

Mission: Complete the 'back-to-school' day

7AM: Woke up.

10AM: Felt annoyed by the sound of the damn grinder, stopped watching, stopped wrapping up FYP results, went out of room.

11.30AM: Felt like throwing a tantrum in the library after knowing that the stupid library computer didn't have any program to open a .pdf file, queueing a long long way to see the idiot computer didn't show my print job, feeling annoyed by so many people blocking the hall way, and realizing that everything there sucked!

12.30PM: Finished the first class of the semester with A/P TZ. Felt a bit lost sometime, but the class was sure fun

1.30PM: Finished the second class with A/P SCK and A/P LYM by watching a video about offshore engineering. felt terrified by the size of the hollow sections they used and the risky working environment.

2PM: Finished a super quick lunch with bf and rushed to the supervisor's office.

2.15PM: Finished the FYP meeting with professor with a better insight and more load to be carried.

2.45PM: Reached the room and realized that the damn grinder was still working

3.15PM: Finished writing this post and felt like sleeping while waiting for bf to come


- determined not to work on offshore site
- be ensured that the lit review is okay
- getting a new (or probably other 2 or 3) case(s) to be modeled
- missing holiday

U're the best I've ever had

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