Saturday, June 18, 2011


Now I feel a bit tired of my life, seriously. So many things come in one go and I can't take it. I barely stand now. My feeling gets hurt very easily, I change my thought and determination just like pressing the next button on my ipod, and my prejudice for people around me gets more serious. I feel like walking on a piece of rotten wood. I can fall any time, without any warning.

My future is not clear yet. There are still a lot of junctions ahead for me to choose. I never know which one I will walk on later, and I never know whether I will walk on the right way. Then, I keep thinking about it. So many possibilities, one destination: success. But I don't know which turn to take, when to speed up, and how to overcome the obstacles. And I am very tired.

The relationships I have with people are getting very weird. I know there are a lot of talks behind my back, but I keep smiling in front of them. Why? I don't know. I am tired of playing a nice role while no one actually thinks I am nice. People never think about my feeling, but why should I? I can't have what I want, but why should I entertain everyone? I am tired of being the loser. I am tired of tears and angers. I am tired to hold on this big burden.

And I really need love now. People that really love me are just too far away. Can I stretch out my hands and reach you all? I just want to hug you and get a little bit of peace.

At the end of this post, my tears roll down like a stream. I don't know why. Silly girl.

U're the best I've ever had

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Solarius said...

At the end of every tunnel, always lies the start of another journey. It may be worse, or perhaps a better one ahead.

And never let others' words bring you down, and neither should you blame them if they did suceed. That's cos it is you whom brought your own self down.

Be strong. You are here for yourself. Perhaps there are really 'evil' ppl around, but there are also great ppl around. Just take your time to look around. There are always people around you whom will be there for you.

I know all the words above are just talk, and sometimes, I even think those are all bullsh*t, but I seriously hope it turns out well for you.