Thursday, June 09, 2011

Settle down

Settle down is a bit difficult, I guess. After a big moment in my life, which was the FYP presentation, I started to move on to the next phase of my life. I finished my job for DnD, I moved out from my room in NTU, I moved in to another room in Serangoon, and then I went to Thailand for a break.

Yes, it's a great escape and a great graduation trip. Although I didn't have the graduation trip with my friends, at least I had one, and it's enough. I love my family so much!

And, I have officially started the new chapter of my life: working life. Today is already the fourth day for me to wake up really early, take a quick shower, rush to the bus stop, board the bus 153, sit sleepily inside the bus, alight at Spanish Village bus stop, walk to the site office, and read the tender documents for all day long. I must say that I hope I will get busy soon because I really don't like sit down and do nothing. I will finish my reading tomorrow and ask for some works starting next Monday.

You know, this days remind me to my first few weeks of internship. I had nothing to do, I kept reading, facebook-ing, and email-ing Huili! And I miss all of them, including my slow computer. Haha.

But I am thankful that I find nice people in the office. Rosalind always gives me advices that make my brain keeps thinking. Uncle Nam Seng (I really want to call him Uncle, but I don't dare haha) explains so many things to me that keep my eyes open for things I never know. And the girls downstairs are so friendly with me. I hope I can be happy working here, eventhough I don't think that I want to do project management for my whole life. I still want to do my own event organizing company! XD

And another think I am thankful with, is my result for this semester. It's really a blessing that I can touch the finish line with a perfect movement. Thanks a lot, Prof. Anthony Goh! And thanks a lot, my dear Buddha.

U're the best I've ever had

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