Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Forgive me for the lack of post these days. My bad, I always abandon my blog when I get back into my lovely shelter. I think no one bother to check my blog out to find any updates. Lol. No updated post doesn’t mean that I don’t have anything to write, I just don’t know what to write when I sit in front of my computer screen although my fingers miss typing very much.


So now, I am here, trying to type anything I want to type.


I have been here for about twenty days and all I have done is wasting. I waste the time; enjoy the plain excitement of holiday time. I waste the quota of internet connection. I waste the electricity and water.  I even waste the oxygen. Lol. In short, I waste my parents’ money. Haha.


Actually, I have nothing to do since I got back here about three weeks ago. I was, and still I am, idle forever.


#1 Miss

When I was there, I missed my home, my family, my mom. And now, I am here, I miss my friends. Limited access of internet prevents me from interacting with them. Half of my NTU friends are still in Singapore doing their projects , my friends in Palembang are still very busy with their school works, and friends from NTU that came home with me cannot meet too frequently due to limited mobility. So, I miss something that is missing from my usual daily life, but never say that I feel bored here. I am completely happy, but I miss hanging out with my pals.


#2 Work

Usually, when I got back home, I helped my mom with chores. But this holiday is different. My mom just hired a new maid several days before I came home, so I had no chores to do anymore. I just waste everything, as I have said before, so to kill my time, I tried to help my dad. Since he has no secretary, I am trying to be his this time. I type letters and documents for him. But still, I don’t have many things to do. Letters and documents are limited, so what else I do? Some leceh-leceh things here and there.


#3 Traffic

I am learning to drive now. Actually, I have been learning it since last year, and until now, I still have not enough bravery to drive alone. I am afraid of other vehicles. I think I can’t withstand the pressure of traffic. But, still, I have to keep practicing. Pray for me. Haha.


#4 Music

Coming back home, I found a bunch of new songs as well as new singers. Some captured my ears, of course, but some are just stepping into the music industry by luck and some more things. I can’t sing but I can distinguish good and bad voice. Just imagine, all Indonesian drama stars are singing now! Fiuh, sorry to say, but I must, they are just crap.

Ok, forget about them. Just don’t listen to their songs.

Despite those ‘Aji Mumpung’ artists, the singers are sooooo fantastic. A new group of band that is somehow phenomenal now is Kuburan. A unique name they have, don’t they? They also have a unique way of dressing themselves. Just search them in Youtube if you want to see their uniqueness.

Besides Kuburan, I also like the new single of Vidi Aldiano, Status Palsu. Kyaaaaa, he is sooooo charming and his voice is charming also. I am glad he didn’t make it to join Indonesian Idol, so that he can be that famous now.

Actually, there are still so many singers with so many new songs. I like Lyla. I like Nidji. I like Gita Gutawa. Fight, music industry of Indonesia!


#5 Television

Indonesian television programs are full of s*** now. Every channel is copying each other. RCTI, SCTV, and Trans TV are just identical to each other: music programs and reality shows. I have nothing to comment about those music things since I like to get updated about those new songs, but for those reality shows, oh my God, I just want to get angry anytime I see each of them. They are full of lies, lies, lies, and lies.

I am just sad for the quality of Indonesian reality shows. Why can’t they create something like that ‘something Nanny’ show?

Due to my boredom to those things, I switch my interest to TV One and Metro TV. See? It was never written in history that Febrina would be addicted to those factual reports and debate things. Lalala.


#6 President election

Indonesia is preparing for another party! Yeah, the second round party is in front of us now. This time election will be the election for president and vice president. Three president and vice president elects are Jusuf Kalla – Wiranto (JK WIN), Megawati Soekarno Putri – Prabowo Subianto (MEGA PRO), and Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono – Boediono (SBY BERBOEDI). This July will be the time and I will vote, too. I hope the best leader will be elected. I hope all Indonesians don’t choose the wrong one. I hope Indonesia will be better and better.

Hidup Indonesia!


#7 A new semester

I know it’s too early to talk about it, but I have started thinking about my new semester since the cutoff point for having a room in NTU was announced and the examination results online slip was released. I didn’t achieve my target this semester, but I promise to try harder next semester. Next semester, a new semester, will be another segment of my university life: a new study life, a new extracurricular activity, a new position in whatever club, a new spirit, a new this, a new that. Everything new!



#8 Book

I have spent quite a lot of money in book hunting. I have read Rectoverso and really, it’s recommended. Dee’s words are soooooooo fabulous. I hope I can be like her. Another book I read is ‘Charlie’, a daily journal of an idiot-genius man. And now, I am going through a political book, ‘Intrik dan Lobi Politik Para Penguasa: Dari Soekarno hingga SBY’.

Yeah, my reading interest is not teenlit anymore. I have stepped to a higher level, maybe. I don’t care, the important thing is I am still reading. Haha.

Happy reading!


#9 Food

They say that going back to Palembang is never real before you eat PEMPEK, but, to be honest, until this time I type this post, I have never touched the Palembang fish cake. I have eaten this and that, especially those ‘jajanan pasar’ I like very much, but for pempek, I have never eaten it. Laugh at me as you wish, but I don’t feel  weird or something. I like pempek, but I will not die by not pushing it into my intestine. As long as I can taste my mom’s cooking, no pempek is never a matter. Lol.

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