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Once upon a time, they lived happily ever after...

Once upon a time, there lived a princess.

That's very classical sentence to start a story with. Once upon a time bla bla bla always works well to impress fairy tale readers and transfer them to a fantasy world. The prince-princess-evil-wizard-kind-of-things story will not complete without the magic sealing sentence, "And they live happily ever after."

And, oh, another thing that is very likely in a fairy tale is a kiss, a true love's kiss.
I remember, one of my blogger friends have ever discussed about this in one of her posts, and now, I just want to write about what I have just thought.

So to find a life with endless bliss, just find who you love through true love's kiss
That's a quote I took from a Disney movie I've just watched, Enchanted. Yeah, I know, it's been released a long long long time ago. Okay, not that long, but the point is I just watched it today, after it's been wandering in the market for two years or so. I am so outdated, huh?

Enchanted, another splendid movie from Disney, told us about a kingdom called Andalasia. In this kingdom lived Prince Edward with his stepmother, Queen Narrisa as the royal family. The queen was very scared of the prince getting married and being a king, so that she would lose her crown. She tried so hard to prevent Edward from meeting with a girl he would fall for.

But, the fate led the prince to meet Gissele, a girl who lived near the forest. They found that each of them would complete their duet and decided to get married right away.

See? This is my question: is it that easy to get married? You find the one that can make your heart beating faster and then you two can walk along as husband and wife right away?

Ok, keep that question. Let the movie go on.
The queen, of course, didn't expect the prince to have a wedding, so she tried to fail the royal ceremony. She disguised herself as an old woman and dragged Giselle to a well. She pushed her into the well, sent her to a world where there was no happily-ever-after things.

And the adventure started here. The future princess of Andalasia was sent to New York. It was very funny to see her wearing the wedding gown in the crowd of American, swaying here and there without knowing where she was. But later, she met with Robert and his 6-year-old daughter, Morgan, who gave her a great help throughout her journey.

Robert was in a relationship with Nancy, while Giselle was waiting for Prince Edward to rescue her. 
Robert was about to propose Nancy after 5 years having a love relationship, while Giselle was about to share a true love's kiss with Prince Edward even before their relationship lasted for one day.
Robert taught Gissele that people needed some times for dating to know thoroughly about each other before deciding to get married, while Giselle persuaded Robert to believe that every girl wanted a proof of how much her love loved her and helped her to show it.

Both of them had their own world and they spent some times together for a strange reason. They just bumped to each other by destiny. Yeah, destiny.
And, without their realization, they fell for each other although they still denied it.

After struggling so hard, finally, Prince Edward came to take Giselle back to their world, Andalasia. But, before they got back, Giselle insisted to have a date with the prince. 

They went to the ball and Giselle promised that they would go back right after the ball ended, but unfortunately, or fortunately, I don't know, both Giselle and Robert realized their affections for each other in this event. Giselle didn't want to ruin her ideal image about the love she had for the prince but deep inside, she didn't want to leave Robert.

Out of nowhere, the old woman came back and gave her an apple. She convinced Giselle to eat the thing so that she would forget about her journey in New York, and also about Robert. She bit the red apple and fell completely unconscious.

Then, of course, you can guess precisely, the prince-finally-kiss-the-princess-to-wake-her-up part came to the stage. Finally, her precious true love's kiss she saved for the prince came true, but it didn't wake her up. She's still there, motionless.

And see, the first kiss you save for the one you think you love doesn't mean your true love's kiss. You may think you love someone, but actually the person is not the one destined for you.

And, tadaaaaaa, Robert was the one. He awakened her from her sleep and brought her another life. Of course, at the end, after a long story of Giselle rescued Robert, they lived happily ever after, like usual.

Omigod, I just realized, I've just spoiled all the story. But, it's ok, huh? The movie was soooooo old already. Haha. Most of you must have watched it, anyway.

This movie teach me that the fairytale is not more than a fantasy, a dream. A kiss will never ensure you a true love, there's no a marriage right away after the kiss, and a princess can also rescue the prince. But, one thing for sure, a happily ever after ending is real.

Just like my old habit to quote words from everything I heard and saw, these are some of my favourites:
  • You got to show her you love her, don't treat her like a mindreader
  • He finds his own way to tell you, with the little things he'll do. That's how you know he's your love
  • Everybody wants to live happily ever after, everybody wants to know that their true love is true
  • The lovey-dovey things you talked about is just a fantasy! And one day you have to wake up and find you are in the real world!

And, of course, the most impressive dialog at the end of the movie
Giselle : Is that your habit or something of falling off of stuffs?
Robert: Only when you're around to catch me

Omigod, so romantic!!!!!!
Let's fight for our own happy ending!

Happy fairytale!

U're the best I've ever had

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