Saturday, February 06, 2010

My whole month of laughs and tears

It's a shame! My last post was on January 17th and now the calendar has already been showing February 6th. Maybe no one checked my blog now since there's even no a single update. LOL.

Really, since the first day I came back to this tiny little dot, I was extremely super super busy. Yeah, Indonesian Cultural Night was approaching and I even couldn't breathe well for the last one month. Everyday I woke up at 6am since I needed to go to Bugis to do my internship. I rushed back to NTU to attend meetings and rehearsals, rehearsals and meetings. My schedule was sooooo packed! Even on the weekend, I couldn't have my rest. I must wake up very early to, again, attend the rehearsals.

Although I was so busy that I couldn't have time for myself and of course, my bf *sorry dear*, I was very happy to see the result. The event was quite successful and all the committee did their best. All put their effort and their dedication and see, we are the one smiling at the end now.

Since I decided to join this committee, I have learnt a lot, yeah, A LOT and I never regretted my decision that time. All of us were really zero when we stepped into the community and now we stepped out with a bowl full of experience, knowledge, and friendship.

This is the experience I will not forget for the rest of my life, I am sure. =)

But, my own life seemed a bit abandoned because of this. A bunch of sorry for them, really. I seldom replied my mom's message and I rejected her calls during meetings. I am so sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to not care for  you, I didn't mean to be a bu-xiao-sun-de-hai-zhi. I am really sorry. And of course, to my bf, I realized that I didn't put him in the top priority list due to this, but I didn't mean to. I even didn't put myself in my priority list! Haha. Maybe that's why he was so emotional this whole month. He wanted to catch my attention back. Lol. So sorry, Dear. XD

And, oh yeah, I forgot, I also abandoned my room! I didn't tidy up for a whole month and in the end of ICN, I just realized, my room was soooooo messy and dirty. XP

Indonesian Cultural Night 2010 is over and I feel very happy yet very sad. I have no more activities since the school club biggest event is already over. I feel like surfing the net is not that fun anymore. I feel like something is missing during my 'unbusy' night. Oh Gosh, I am about to be hyperactive, I guess.

I think I need to tidy up my life now, get used to my new activities, and try to live my life happily. For organizational thing, I will think about that later. =D

Tomorrow is my 20th birthday and I wish I can be a better person this year. I won't be a teenager anymore tomorrow onwards. Wish me luck!

J'aime ma vie!

U're the best I've ever had

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