Friday, April 29, 2011

The Conscious Dream

Today is the last day of my undergraduate class. The last fight is now right in front of my eyes: exam. But really, I am not really thinking about exam right now. I am thinking more on my future.

Since a few months ago, I still think that I will be an engineer for my whole life: climb the engineer career path from engineer to senior engineer, principal engineer, and at last, director. I never thought that I want to open a consulting firm and be an entrepreneur. I just kept thinking that I should apply my engineering knowledge for my career path.

I don't know what, but something struck me and now I'm really eager to be an entrepreneur. No, I never tend to be the owner of Civil consulting firm. My dream is to be an event organizer. Yes, event organizer. I know it's so far away from my field of study: engineering, but I really want to be the one on whom people can rely on when they have such a big event in their lives. I enjoy organizing things and it's my dream to be an event organizer.

But since I'm a Bachelor of Engineering (in the next few months), I want to apply what I've learnt in university. I'll be a project engineer, learn some management and communication skill, as well as building some connection for my future clients. I also need some money for the start up of my event organizing company, so I'll save money from my work for my initial investment.

I really want this dream to come true. I really want it. Yes, I WANT IT. Sometime I woke up in the morning and I started to live up this dream. Sometime I went to sleep and I started to sing this dream as a lullaby. Sometime I had my meal and I had this dream as my appetizer. Yes, I am determined, although I know that this thing may or may not come true. The harshness of the world and some other factors may make me turn left or right. However, I am trying to be optimistic. I will keep the flare of my dream burning.

People have dream, and so do I.
And I will fight for my dream to come true.
I love dreaming :)

U're the best I've ever had

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