Sunday, December 18, 2011


Working is indeed difficult. Not only about the responsibility you need to take for the job and others' expectation of your performance, but it is also about the working environment with random people bossing around you and random people totally ignoring you.

Working is indeed very difficult.

The time you spend for reaching the office, working in the office, and doing your work overtime.
The lunch time, personal time, and resting time you sacrifice for completing your work.
The dissatisfaction you feel when you are unable to meet your own standard.

Before I joined university, people kept saying that uni life is much more slack that schooling time. But later I found that people were just trying to bluff me. There is no such thing called slacking in uni life when you are more grown up and concern about your future.

And before I graduated, I kept thinking that working life could be easier than uni life, I just need to focus on my works. But, again, looks like I have been fooled by my own thought. Working life is much worse. There are so many things I need to think about: my future career path, my bosses' opinion about me, my quality delivery, my working environment, my time management, my this, and my that.

Now I realize I am to attached to my work. I wake up earlier so that I can reach office earlier, I ask my colleagues to help me pack some lunch so that I can continue working, I stay back late to keep doing my work, and I bring my work back home so that I can finish it on time or earlier. Sometimes, I even go back to the office during weekends to clear whatever thing I need to clear. I have a very limited time for myself, bf, and friends. I feel guilty.

Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining about my work. I just think that I need some personal life. My life these few months contains too much, W, O, R, and K. I want to find a work-life balance, but looks like life is just a dream.

U're the best I've ever had

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darkcloudygirl said...

u must be work with passion huh?
semangattt feebb..
jalan menuju sukses musti capeekk..

*ceileh kayak ngerti aja gw.

semoga sukses yak. :)