Friday, December 02, 2011

Young by Heart

In the panel clinic

During registration
Receptionist: We need your father's name.
Me: But my father is not here.
Receptionist: You just write your father's name.
Me: *write my father's name in confusion and hand it to the receptionist*

After a while
Receptionist: I need your father's name.
Me: I give already.
Receptionist: *take the paper* So, it is your father who works at LTA, right?
Me: No, I am working at LTA.
Receptionist: Ooooh...

With the doctor
Me: So can I get an MC?
Doctor: Sure. Which shool are you in now?
Me: No, I am not schooling anymore.
Doctor: So, you don't need the MC.
Me: I am working now.
Doctor: In LTA?
Me: Yes
Doctor: The youngest worker there, is it? I still think your father is the one who works for LTA. Haha.
Me: ...

At least, I still look young, although 22 is approaching...

U're the best I've ever had

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