Sunday, January 08, 2012


Thanks to my good friend that reminded me to this manga. I spent my weekends reading, finally! A quality reading!

Nodame Cantabille is a story about a girl studying in Momogaoka Music University. She plays piano, but she plays as she likes it. She can't sight read, she skips the tune, she can't play well, but she has a powerful talent. She is in love with a school idol, which is her neighbor. And the journey of these two people to reach their dream begins.

Although the drawings are not too good, the story flows well and I love it! It brings back memories about how youngsters usually dream and compete. I think I aged so badly since I started working and this story is sure a wake up call for me. I still can dream and I should work hard for my dream.

Although you love your bf/gf so much, you still can't lose to them. You must compete with each other and create a fast pace together for the bright future. There is no such a thing as let-him-shine-and-I-watch from-the-background or as-long-as-he-succeeds-I-am happy thing. Both shall land safely to their dream land and both shall be considerate to each other! And in the end, they can succeed together.

Keep dreaming. Keep your interest. Keep your love.
And you'll be the happiest person at the end of the day.


My favorite scene when Chiaki hugged Nodame from behind. Sweet!!!

U're the best I've ever had

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