Monday, January 02, 2012

Hi 2012!

Say hi to 2012.

For this year, basically, my resolution is to be thankful for everything I have and to hold on this principle very tightly: being happy is a choice.

Yeah, being happy is indeed a choice. You can choose to be happy in every situation, even in a bad one. And you'll end up appreciating more. On the other hand, you can also choose to be dissatisfied and keep whining over anything and you'll end up suffering for the whole year. I want to be the first one: to be thankful, to be happy, to keep shining. I am sure by having a beautiful heart, I will be a beautiful person, and I can make the world even more beautiful. :)

You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one... I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one...

For this world, in 2012, I hope there will be less earthquakes, floods, and other natural disasters. I hope there will be less brutality, like those fathers-rape-their-own-daughter or daughters-slap-moms-in-the-face thingy. I hope for more justice to the poor. I hope more good leaders will be born and lead the world to a better state. I hope there will be no more war and conflicts between countries. I hope for less corrupted country leaders. I hope all religions walk hand in hand. I hope there is no bombing, assassination, and murder. I wish for world peace.

And for my own self, I have a few points to highlight.

As a person, I wish I can be better.
-I wish I can always be thankful and grateful and be closer to my God.
- I want to cultivate patience in my life as I realize this is one of my problems so far. I should hold my anger and not throw my tantrum so easily.
- I shall continue to learn and read and gain as many knowledge as possible. Nothing should stop me from learning to be better in every aspect of my life.
- I also hope that I can maintain a good lifestyle: less fried food, less snacks, less carbs, more exercise. My target for this year is to be slimmer and have a good shape. ;)
- I should continue to save money for my future: either study or business start up.
- I wish I can have a firm idea of what I want for my future. I should not continue to walk in the mist and uncertainty for too long.

As a daughter and a sister to my family, I wish I can be reliable.
- As the eldest, I shall be the benchmark and I wish I can set a good example for my brother to follow. I want him to succeed, I want us to succeed, I want my parents to be proud of us.
- I want to have more time with my mom and dad: to chat more, to meet them more often. I hope.
- I wish I can have two family trips this year: China and South Korea!

As a girlfriend, I wish I can be an ideal one.
- I shall not throw my tantrum like a mad dog. I want to reflect before getting angry. I am sure he never wants to hurt me, so I shall not hurt him.
- My target for this year: minimum quarrel, more understanding. I think we have achieved a better level of understanding in these few months, but really, we shall continue to attempt the harmonious living in our love life.
- I also wish he has the same determination as me. Two is better than one!
- I really wish to spend the next new year celebration with him.

As an employee to the company, a subordinate to my bosses, and a colleague to my fellow team, I wish I can perform better.
- I wish I have better time management. I don't want to continue living like a zombie. I should learn to be efficient and effective in my working time frame. My target is to have a good performance and yield an outstanding result without sacrificing my personal life.
- I hope I can hold my temperament when I face problems with my colleagues and bosses. I shall be thankful for everything and solve the problems from the inside. I don't want to grumble, I don't want to whine, I don't want to show my black face. I shall be cheerful as a sunshine!
- I will continue learning from everybody and never be ashamed of asking other people. I am new so there is still so many room of improvement for me.
- I really wish I can pick every good quality from my bosses and be a good asset for this world. I can make a fabulous lady engineer, for sure. :)
- At the end of the year, I hope I can gain some sort of recognition to my hard work.

As a friend, I wish I can be more involved.
- In this year, I hope I can be more sociable and meet my friends more often. I shall not trap myself inside my own world.
- I also wish I can maintain my relationship with my old friends in Palembang, my CEE pals, my internship friends, my Indo NTU friends, and all new LTA friends.

This year, I shall be a better person, a better daughter, a better sister, a better girlfriend, a better colleague, and a better friend.

I shall be better!

Thank you, World!

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukitattha. May all beings be happy. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

U're the best I've ever had

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