Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Life Sucks (sometimes)

I have been emotionally unstable these days, especially regarding how I feel about people. I am sick of people, I can say.

1. People tend to take things for granted
This is human nature. People take their status, position, authority, and comfort zone for granted. And they start to to pressurize, discomfort, burden, or even blame others for stuffs. I don't know what people are thinking, but I truly think that this is unacceptable. Other people play certain roles in your life, either big or small. Is it so difficult to be nice as other people are trying to be nice with you, too?

2. As they grow bigger, people tend to be nastier.
Yes, this is it. When people have no authority, they are humble, they are nice, they are hardworking. But, when they are bigger and more powerful, they tend to abuse their power and turn to the dark side of their personality. What they do is just blaming their subordinates and keep doing that until all get demoralized. Although people have done their best to deliver a good product, blame is still cascaded down only because of little tiny thing that they overlooked. I feel so unjustified.

3. People cannot appreciate what you have done to them until they lose you
This is somewhat true, am I correct? People are very weak in appreciating what they have until they lose them. People are arrogant, they can just keep blaming and blaming and blaming other people despite what other people have done to them. They can't just appreciate other's hard work. It is sad, extremely sad.

4. People at the top always take credit of what people on the ground do
Life is unfair yet unbearable at this stage. When bad things come, people blame their subordinates. But when good things come to existence, those people sip the happiness by themselves. I don't care what the position you hold, as long as you try the credit, I will tell you off straight on your face.

5. People are just humans, but humanity is getting no value
People keep complaining ad blaming other people about any single thing that bothers them. Is there nothing better to do? Are they so unhappy so they want to drag other people inside? Humanity, love among all people, where is it now?

And I think to myself, am I such a person too? Oh God, dealing with human and being a human are sure difficult.

U're the best I've ever had

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