Thursday, March 29, 2012

Redundancy is me

My wound have not cured at all and you sprinkled salt on top of it...

It needs a week for my anger to subside. I tell myself that I need to accept my team mates, for whatever thing that they did, what whatever flaw that they have. I managed to hold my anger and disappointment. But, it seems that people always take me for granted. I heard the word again: redundant.

Yes, this is the second time she said I was redundant. I could not take it, really. It hurt me so bad. I have done my very best to do whatever things they need me to do. I work like shit, even on weekends. Do I do weekends duty solely for money? No! I don't want to see my other team mates lose their life by working non-stop, so I am okay to work on weekend duty. This is not what I want. I'd rather sleep and eat and play rather than earn than twenty bucks.

But now I know, whatever hard work I have done is not appreciated at all. And I feel like showing them how redundant I am. I am considering to take a few month unpaid leave. Since I am redundant, no one will ever realize even if I disappear forever, right?

I am so so so so disappointed. Life is cruel.

U're the best I've ever had

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