Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New layout, new spirit, new life

Welcome to my new home^^

I decided to change my blog layout. I have made this decision (haha, decision, looks like this is a very important matter - lebai) since long long time ago, but I had no time to do it. Quiz here and there, this and that ECA, and of course, my laziness, prevent me from doing so.

And after I have been free enough to play with my world, I spent so many hours to search the layout fitted me, try to put it on my blog, fail, search again, attempt again, fail again, and it happened several times until I finally found someone, someone to share my life, I finally found the one, to be with every night. Oh, of course, that part was just my lebainess. I finally found this layout. Grey. Simple. But appealing.

This one is actually a wordpress layout that someone converted into blogger. Yep, that's right. That's why my blog looks like a wordpress blog now. Haha. I like it though.

I hope I will not get bored with this one, because it's really tiring to change all the things and start from the very beginning, for the gadget, I mean.

Yeah, and now, I officially open my new home for everyone. *clap,clap,clap
Or I need to say, "You may turn over the exam question paper now and start writing!"?

Once again, welcome. Hope you like and visit me frequently.^^

U're the best I've ever had

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