Sunday, November 02, 2008


Penjara jiwa
Aku terpenjara oleh jiwaku sendiri

It is now 7.30 in the evening and I am sitting behind my desk, in front of my computer, surrounded by my MoM lecture notes, trying to catch words by words, numbers by numbers, while fighting with brain, which is wandering along the beach, sunbathing, and smiling to the freedom.

Hey, wake up!!!

Yeah, in short, I need to study, but I just don't get the right mood. Sigh, tomorrow will be my last MoM quiz and I have no mood to study. Helloooo, what the hell I am thinking right now? This is my last chance to recover from my 'down-to-earth' grades and I JUST have NO MOOD to study. How brave I am.

Since I went home at 5, I did nothing, except facebooking, blogwalking, checking e-mails, friendstering, starring my MoM book, facebooking, blogwalking, friendstering, writing some calculation for a question, facebooking, friendstering, blogwalking, calculating the answer, checking if it's right, finding that it's wrong, trying to redo it, facebooking, friendstering, checking e-mails, and, yeah, I just continuously wasted my 'precious' time.

And it's 8 PM now, I just finished checking my Multiply and replying some comments. Oh, my, I am really a good time-waster. 

Ding dong.

I need to study.
Or at least, I need to be more intend to study.

U're the best I've ever had


Spamming any yahoogroups

But, I think, again, this do and don'ts will be useless

6 thoughts:

je_z said...

tq fen hehe
wei, fen ak masi cupu ni buat blog
cak mano caro buat link cak u tu??bingung haha
trus chatbox jg?gadget ny namany apa utk 2 itu? tq tq fen
met hallowen jg

suhu said...

ayo ayo belajar. MoM baru awal perdjoeangan. Di depan masi menanti subject-subject yang lebi sinting. semangat.

~'FeN'~ said...

Dan setengah jam sblm quiz, saya masih blogging...


maria magdalena said...

hua akhir2 ini juga gak ada mood buat belajar nih -_-

~'FeN'~ said...

sama, sister!!!

Wahyu Benardo said...

bah..santai2..denger lagu mulan gek konsen belajar..ahak2