Saturday, January 03, 2009

Boggle IHG, another new year's present for me

And I got another medal. Yeah, I got another gold. Boggle team did a wonderful job as well as Scrabble team. I am very happy that I pulled out the decision to stay and fight with this group. I didn't give up, I fought, and I won.

Why did I need to give up, maybe you are wondering now.

Honestly, most of the time I thought of quitting playing boggle. I didn't feel comfortable and confident with my three letter words and my ability to find all the words inside the board. I felt like it's just a waste to let me in the team while others could perform better than me. I was just very lousy and no point of taking me in, that's what I thought.

I thought back about this very often these few days. I went to Ko Andri to talk. I tried to make him believe that I was just a lousy player, but he kept supporting me. Then, he tried to teach me. Teach me. From the very beginning. Seeing his effort to support me, I felt like I shouldn't have given up that easily.

I spent my new year's eve and new year by playing boggle. It was very frustating actually, but I didn't know what power kept me standing and fighting there. After the selection test, honestly, I felt my confidence bursting up. I kept telling myself that I was qualified enough. I didn't accidentally be inside the team.

When the day came, I was nervous, very nervous. I still felt like I was lousy, very very lousy. I just won my first match by very little spread. I felt like I won just by luck. I don't know how to describe my feeling that day, but really, I felt like I just took disadvantages for the team.

But, 7 times winning could prevent me a little from thinking that I was lousy. I also won against my opponent in semi, but I was trashed by my opponent in final, the girl from hall 15. Haizzz. The board was very open and really, I couldn't play open board well. She wrote very fast, and I was shaking.

I lost, Nicholas lost. Two had lost. But we had Stifen and Ivy who had won. 2-2. We just had to wait for Sudhansu. All of us shivered. We even could hear our heartbeat. Very fast. Faster than falling in love pairs.

Almost two and a half two and a half.

But, luckily, the guy Sudhansu played against challenged the wrong word. He challenged LOR which was valid. Then, we won. We won by 3-2.

Yeah, I lost, but the team won. Hall six won.
We kan take a sip of our happiness now.
The tears, sweat, and blood has been paid off now.

U're the best I've ever had

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Andri Setiawan said...
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Andri Setiawan said...

u are not to say "i lost but the team won"

agree with what Jing Lun said, "if the team wins, it means that u also win.."

to be a champ isn't only determined by a final match.. it needs process starting from the training, selection, prelim matches, semi n final..

so even if the final turned to be the other case, don't ever take the blame by urself.. everyone bears the same responsibility.. :)

congratz.. :)
next, IG gold...

~'FeN'~ said...

thanks a lot 4 ur support...

i lost...
the team won...

then i also won...

Herry -- HgS said...

I used to the the only person win when the team trashed 1-4. I also used to be the only person who lost when the team win 4-1. I used to be in deciding match when the score 2-2. So what?

For me, it does not matter too much who win and who lost. (of course I much prefer win all time... :p). However, what more important... the team win. When the team win, I win. When the team lost, I lost...

Coz we win as a team, and we lost as a team. We shout woosh, boost our spirit together, encourage one another, enjoy our glory, and cry in our lost together.

Fen, I love the way you try your hard. Think positively. Believe the potential inside you. You are great player... and you can still be greater by trying hard.

All the best always... and congratz.

~'FeN'~ said...

thanks all...
really appreciate your support...^^