Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can, but I can't

I can act calm and strong
I can insist to myself that I am unbeatable
I can assure you that I am very stiff

I can still hold my tears from dropping although my legs shiver so much
I can still walk with my head up although my body is buried in burden
I can still smile and laugh with you although I need your shoulder to cry on

I can lie to you

I can lie to this world

I can lie

When I heard my mom's voice, worrying me, from the far-far-away land

The barrier I built fell down

My tears dropped down
My smile faded away
My fake dissapeared

I can't lie to you, Mom

U're the best I've ever had

3 thoughts:

DELLI said...


i've offered u my shoulder already...
but you've never accepted it nor yet intend to...

how sad...

Valen said...
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Valen said...

di depan mama emang da ado yg biso ditutupin. da ado guno jg ditutupin. Dia juga tau koo..