Friday, August 26, 2011

What is God's religion?

A guy in Solo was attacked by a group of people that claimed themselves to be the fighter of Islam. Why? Did this guy spit on the roof of a mosque? No. Or did he punch a Muslim? Of course no.

So? What did he do that made these people so angry?

He just happened to wore a T-shirt when he met them, a T-shirt with the wordings: "God, what is your religion?"

When they saw the words printed on the shirt, they confronted the guy to take off his shirt by calling him 'Kafir' over and over. But this guy, thinking that he did nothing wrong, refused to do so. At the end, he just got physically attacked.

To read this kind of thing on the news, I feel very miserable. How can people fight on the name of their God? How can they justify that they did the right thing by attacking the guy that had no business with them? How can they proudly call any other people Kafir? I just can't believe.

What is God? Who is God?

No one knows, including those Front Pembela Islam. So, what's the matter of asking God what is His religion? Even God didn't scold this guy, why should them???

I just think that they are stupid, they never know that the sentence is to bring up the religious harmony. Stupid. Stupid. STUPID. S.T.U.P.I.D.

In my religion, God is Tian, literally means Sky. I don't have enough knowledge to explain what is the philosophy behind this name. But, I believe that God is as big as the sky, borderless, and unreachable. This is just my opinion, and please forgive me if I am wrong. But at least, look at the fact that I am totally agree with any God people worship.

I pray to God, I believe in God. But I really don't understand how those people who claim themselves to be super religious choose to fight on the name of their God instead of live peacefully with other living beings. It's just too sad.


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